Affordable Roofing Materials that Last Longest

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The roofing that you choose should be hard-wearing and durable. It is said that the lifetime of an average roof is around fifteen to twenty-five years, although, with proper care and right weather conditions, it can last far longer than that. The roof is perhaps the most critical part of your home. If your roof falls into disrepair, the rest of your home risks structural damage and may begin to deteriorate.

Affordable Roofing Materials that Last Longest

According to the professionals at Deer Park Roofing, a roof that is beginning to deteriorate may let in water, which can, in turn, lead to mold, dampness inside your home and cause beams to start to rot. For the reasons mentioned earlier, it is essential you keep your roof in the best condition you can, find the best material, and have the best tradesmen service and install it. This page will tell you a few of the most affordable roofing materials, although they are all quite expensive, and which ones will last the longest. Here they are.

First, the Installation

Before moving onto the best materials, it is important first to discuss the installation process. You must always ensure that you hire the most experienced and professional tradespeople to install your roof for you. If you hire cowboy builders, you risk further compromising the structure of your home and you also risk being the victim of theft. The expert roofers from DMV Roofing Pros explain that experience, competitive pricing, and commitment should be considered when choosing a roofer. Roofers will often be able to get you the best materials at a discounted price, too. It can be much easier to leave everything to a roofer, as for you to arrange the purchase of the materials can be very complicated. You will also need all of the measurements, which is something only a roofer can provide.

Next, the Materials

Choosing the materials for your roof is a decision that must be undertaken thoughtfully and carefully. There are many materials that you may want to consider. Roofing materials will never be cheap, and you can expect to pay a lot of money to have your roof refitted, a new roof installed, or just to have it serviced. Owning to how dangerous the work is, the installation alone can cost thousands. The decision you make concerning the materials you choose should consider many things, such as weather, the size of your roof, and aesthetics. Below, you will find the best materials:


Wooden roofs have been popular for centuries. They are most often found in rural, forested areas, as it is far cheaper to source the timber required to build a roof with. A wooden roof will only be compatible with a home structured from wood as far as aesthetics are concerned. Wooden roofs are not allowed owing to fire codes in many states, so before arranging to have a wooden roof installed, you must first consult your city council and inquire into a wooden roof’s legality. Roofs constructed from wood will mostly be built from southern pine, redwood, cedar, or oak – all of these roofs offer a lifespan that can far exceed twenty-five years, which is the same as many other roofing materials. The downside to wooden roofs is that they cost an absolute fortune.


Slate is another very popular and expensive material to construct a roof out of. Slate, of which there is a shortage currently, can cost thousands per square foot of roof. Notwithstanding the price, it is definitely worth it, as a slate roof is far superior to any other type of roofing material. Slate roofs can last hundreds of years if they are regularly serviced and are not allowed to fall into disrepair. Any roof that can last centuries is definitely worth the money.

Affordable Roofing Materials that Last Longest - slate roofing


Metal roofs are commonly made of copper, steel, aluminum, or steel and copper synthesis. They are very durable rooftops and can last many years but are also quite expensive; these roofs are ordinarily seamed and are composed of vertical cuts of metal that are soldered together. A typical metal sheet for your roof will cost around three hundred a square foot – but can go for far more than that depending on where you buy them.


Asphalt shingles make up at least seventy percent of the roofs in North America. Asphalt shingles are constructed out of recycled paper that is left in asphalt and dipped in granules. They offer high stability, are of a low cost, but are not as waterproof as many of those mentioned earlier. Now, with the help of this page, you should be able to make an educated decision as to what materials you buy for your roof. The roof of your home is very important, and you must make the decision carefully and wisely. Otherwise, you may cost yourself more money in the future.

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