Quiet tower fans vs Air cooler

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Air Coolers

Air coolers are the conventional way of cooling and conditioning the air. It is usually used in public places, buildings, industrial places and in various electrical generators. Air coolers are rich in providing ventilation to the environment. Different types of air coolers are available nowadays and you can even get an air cooler for rent. Air-cooled works well in different seasons. But it produces a lot of noise.

Quiet Tower fans

Tower fans are new, modernised styles of much quieter fans, create no noise, have an inbuilt filter feature, and take up all the dust, pollen, and other dirt creating particles. Pulls and filter all these particles that can threaten our natural environment and give out only and only purified air. This air is fresh and healthy.

Quiet tower fans vs Air cooler


The best similarity that can be found easily between Air cooler and a quiet tower fan is that the purpose of their usage is the same. They both are specially designed to be used as a cooler that produces cool air. Also, it filters out all the dirt or dust in the environment and creates a healthy and breathable environment.


1.Much Quieter Tower fans are specially constructed to resolve all the issues that are commonly seen in the conventionally constructed fans. These fans are noise-free; it leaves the user in a wonder. The user, at times, might doubt if it’s even working or if it is turned off. This is because the noise level of the tower fan is equal to zero. It is the best example of a modified version of a cooling fan. Whereas, Air cooling is the traditional form of the cooling system, produces a lot of noise that causes noise pollution in the environment and creates an aura of great disturbance for both who are using it and those who live in nearby areas.

2.Saves Energy Tower fans generally have an inbuilt system that lets the user set a specific time duration, and according to the time duration, it automatically shuts down. This feature saves energy and helps the user receive lower electricity bills, whereas air cooling fans don’t have automatic turn-off. Also, they can cost a lot of electricity bill for the user.

3.Produces cool Air Though both works efficiently in producing cool air for the surrounding it is used. But, the process of doing so differs in nature. A tower fan only spins the inbuilt fan in a very speedy manner to produce cool air. Whereas, air cooling fan uses the simple process of producing cool air by evaporation. When hot air crosses any cool medium, the process of evaporation takes place. As a result, the air is thrown out as cool air

Quiet tower fans vs Air cooler - tower fan

Which one is better?

Though it is noted that a tower fan has various advantages, it takes up less energy and comes with an energy-saving mode. This means that the user can easily set a time duration for which he wants to keep the fan on. As soon as the timer turns out, the fan switches off automatically. A tower fan also promises to be a very modified version of a cooling fan, as it produces no noise and promises a throughout noise-free experience. These advantages cannot be found in a traditional air cooling system.

But, always things are not as it showcases, for an air cooling fan is more advantageous in certain situations, as in comparison to a tower fan, it spread cooling air to a larger area. In contrast, a tower fan can only send out cool air to only that space where it is in reach. Also, the process of air cooling is considered to be better than the process of tower fans. Air cooling fans create a healthy environment by producing cool air by themselves. In contrast, a tower fan tends to simply take up the air that is present in the environment already; with the help of a fast-spinning fan and filtering out the dust and dirt particle; it creates cool air. So, in this respect, air cooling fans produce much more cool air than the tower fan.

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