Air Filters Guide

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Having clean air in your home or office is a great necessity in one’s life. An air filter ensures that you are free from disease-causing pathogens and dust to ensure you breathe in clean quality air. An air purifier is essential in case a person is allergic to certain air elements or is asthmatic. It may not act as a substitute for an inhaler or prescribed medication but it helps one to cope with the current environment. There are different air purifier varieties in the market and therefore choosing one can be a hard task.
Air filters guide

They are classified based on size, type and brand. Below are some of the best rated air purifiers.

Air filters according to size

When classified by size, it will depend with the amount of space that you wish to purify. The size of an air filter is measured with its dimensions. There are many air purifiers depending on the size ranges. The best size should be determined by the size of your air purifier. Before purchasing an air filter, ensure that it is of the correct size and thickness. Failure to determine this may cause great problems during the filtration process. The filters differ according to the thickness of the filters. There are those that are one inch thick, two inches thick and four inches thick. Ensure that you measure your size of the air furnace or vent before you buy an air filter. For example, if you need a 20 x 20 x 1 air filter, do not exceed the size or get a small size because it will malfunction.

Air filters according to type

There are different types of air filters in the market. The type of air filter is highly dependent on the condition that you are living in and the problem you are facing. If you live in a smelly neighborhood and wish to purchase an air filter, you are highly recommended to get the high-efficiency particulate arrestance that purifies the air to make it odorless. If you are allergic to pollen, dust or smoke from cigarettes, then a carbon air filter would be the most appropriate air filter for your home or office. The types are classified according to their working mechanisms.

Air filters guide - air filter

Air filters according to the brand

The air filter brands are many in the market and differ according to the model available. The brands will depend on your trust to the company and if you have previous experience with the brand. It is advisable to browse through the brands before you make a purchase and also to try out new brands to see which best suits your needs. The various brands have an option of the custom making of an air filter. So, if you enjoy a brand too much but do not have your size, then you can apply to be custom made yours.

Choosing the right air filter for your home or office requires a lot of research and something that should be done regularly. You should also do regular servicing and maintenance practices to have efficient functioning air filters.

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