Why you must only purchase a high-quality car seat for your dog

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There are times of the year, for example, during holidays, that we travel by car to visit friends,m relatives, and loved ones. Often our dogs are along for the ride. To drive safely with our dogs in tow, dogs should be restrained while being driven. The best way of doing this is with a high-quality car seat. You can find out more at this site. If a seat is not possible then you should use a pet harness or crate.

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An unrestrained pet shares similar characteristics as another dangerous distraction: texting while driving.

When a driver pets the dog or holds it dog back, his or her hands have to come off the wheel. Eyes can easily stray from watching the road. This is especially the case if the driver looks at a pet or the animal climbs on top of the driver. Drivers can’t afford to take their mind off the task of driving. But this can so easily happen when a dog acts impulsively, particularly if it eyes something on the road that triggers it to pace, jump, bark, or even scratch the driver.

A restraint like a high-quality car seat for your dog is important in all the phases of preventing a crash injury

Before a crash, the restraints ensure all occupants are in place and stops them from distracting the driver. During a crash, these restraints are designed to keep occupants secured in the vehicle. this enables them to handle the crash forces along with the vehicle. The action of restraint also stops the occupants from being turned into projectiles. After a crash, the restraints, whatever they are should ensure the occupants stay in the car and are not ejected. This is crucial for our dogs since they could run away from the crash scene and be lost or worse, be hit by another vehicle.

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Yet finding a high-quality car seat for your dog that is rated “high” for safety is not an easy task.  This site has some of the best dog-safety car-harness options available for you to consider. In a car accident, the force of the collision is bound to sen any loose objects in a vehicle flying. This, unfortunately, includes unrestrained pets. This is dangerous not only for the dog but also for anyone else in the car who may be struck.

If unrestrained, a 10lb dog exerts around 500lbs of force in a collision that takes place at 30 MPH. If the dog weighs 80lbs the force exerted would measure 2,400lbs under the same conditions. This is why properly restraining and securing a dog is crucial. Many specialist dog car seats will do a good job of restraining your dogs in place in an accident. Crating your dog during car trips is another idea. However, be sure you strap the crate down. Barrier systems between the back and front of the car can work well in reducing driver distraction, but they afford little if any protection in the event of a crash.

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