Protecting Your Home While you’re on Holiday

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Protecting Your Home While you’re on Holiday

We all like a break from the rate race, don’t we? That relaxing time on the beach or to a nice country retreat in the middle of nowhere. Although we all like going away though, we have to come back. And coming back to your home looking like it was when you left it is what you hope.

What if burglars had been in and wrecked your home and stole all your valuables?

While that is the worst-case scenario, it is not impossible for it to happen, particularly if you don’t take important steps before you leave to keep your home safe while you’re taking that much-needed holiday.

That’s exactly what we’ve included here – some important tips to help protect your home and belongings while you’re away.

1) Be Cautious with what you Share on Social Media

It can be a lot of fun to share your videos and pictures and update new adventure or cocktail you try while you’re away. Yes, it’s the easiest way to let your family and friends know you’re safe and having a nice time, it’s also a great way to broadcast that you’re not at home.

Keep posts limited, if possible and if not, don’t post things about your holiday publicly, instead of sending them directly to friends and family.

2) Make Sure Everything is Locked Up

This may feel a little patronizing and common sense, but while it’s unlikely that you’d forget to lock your front door, there may be other points of entry you do. Mainly those you’re not in the habit of locking on a regular basis. So, before you go, make sure you lock all doors and windows, including the door from your garage to your home (if you have one.)

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3) Arrange for Someone to Keep a Watchful Eye on the House

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your home is safe is to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the place. They don’t have to do much more than making sure there have not been any attempts at breaking, damage or suspicious behavior.

If you’re not on speaking terms with neighbors, ask a friend or relative to do it for you. They only need to check up on the place a couple of times a week, while you’re away.

4) Leave Your Blinds Open, If You Normally Do

If you leave your blinds open during the day, then you need to do this while you are away. Although it might seem weird, if your home appears to look like someone is there, you’re unlikely to get burgled.

By having a neighbor or a friend come in to close the blinds and re-open them, the place will look even less out of the ordinary, but leaving them open will prevent any chance from taking a shot.

5) Ensure You Have Home and Contents Insurance

There are many other things you need to do before you go on holiday is to make sure you have the appropriate amount of home cover. Protect your home and contents with a trusted home insurance provider.

We personally buy most of our insurance coverage from the AA Insurance. One of the most popular and leading insurance providers, the AA home insurance gives you several great benefits, such as coverage for personal belongings and cash even while you are out of the house and you receive a good discount if you order online.

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