Things to Look for When Buying New Blinds

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Blinds are used for various reasons. They can be used for décor, to improve privacy or control sunlight getting into a room. Invest time on researching about the exact blinds you want. Horizontal, faux, wood, vinyl, aluminum and Venetian are some styles to look out for when shopping for blinds, especially if you’re a first-time user.

Things to Look for When Buying New Blinds


Prevent minor accidents using blinds with cords if you have pets or kids at home. Wands are greater alternatives to blinds than corded variations. Pay close attention if the blinds are corded and a kid falls with them around the neck; they can choke to death or get hurt.

Cordless blinds are the best because they can be set anywhere around the house. It does not matter if you have kids because they are the safest. Any kind of danger corded blinds pose is limited in cordless ones.


Despite blinds being important at home, planning and budgeting are just as critical. Blinds are priced differently just like any other household item for sale. The price of blinds is dependent on the texture or material, size and style.

The material used to make blinds can determine their price. For instance, faux blinds are almost half cheaper than wood blinds. If you’re considering privacy and tight lighting, vinyl blinds are the best for that. One thing about vinyl blinds is that they do not bring an eye catching appeal, but work to give privacy in your home.

If looking for an affordable or want to cut on spending much on the blinds, honeycomb would be the best option. Moreover, they support efficient use of energy in your home.

Things to look for when buying new blinds - dinning room

Cleaning and Maintenance

Although homes are cleaned regularly, window treatments are usually overlooked. Once curtains and blinds are installed, they never get cleaned or washed. As a result, window treatments harbor dirt, a condition not good for your health.

It is much easier to clean wood, aluminum and vinyl blinds with a vacuum or more easily with a duster. With regards to wood blinds, they can be cleaned once a year or stained. Repainting is often the solution.

Privacy and Lighting

The amount of light and privacy in homes can be reduced or improved depending on preferences. Choose a blind that is flexible and can be adjusted wherever you want to. When you want your light to be blocked completely then a combination of shade and vinyl is the perfect choice.

Some people prefer having some light in the room which is not extreme. Therefore, woven or solar shades with vinyl allow some light to slip through the room. Either open or close window shades if you want complete privacy because the shades cannot be adjusted. While still allowing light in the room, shades that give variety alternatives for maximum privacy the bottom up top bottom blinds are the perfect choice. Contact makemyblinds to order custom-made window treatments for your home based on your budget.

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    I appreciate the advice to purchase blinds with wands rather than corded versions in order to minimize minor mishaps when there are pets or children present. I’ll absolutely share this with my cousin because she has numerous cats and has been planning to purchase one for her home. I’ll also look at shops that can help her purchase one.

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