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Rain gutters, otherwise known as water collectors, eaves-through, eaves-shoot or surface water collection channels, are a water discharge system for a building that is situated on the roof of that building. A rain gutter is a narrow channel forming a part of the roof system which diverts water away from the roof edge and prevents water from contacting the building or from dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner. The Romans were the first people to introduce the rain gutter system. For centuries, the system was not in use, but it is now becoming quite popular again.

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But why exactly is a rain gutter important on the roof? What purpose does it serve, and why should homeowners consider installing a rain gutter? We will provide answers in a bit.

Reasons to have proper rain gutters

  • It protects the foundation of the house. Using rain gutters makes the Soil around the house stable by channeling water away from the house which prevents the soil from locking moisture that will otherwise affect the foundation of the house. This also prevents cracks on the foundation walls and erosion, etc.
  • Prevents damage to painted walls and decorations. Wall designs are protected by rain gutters by preventing back splash of dirt and water on the walls which can cause fungal and wood rot. This is expensive to repair and makes the house and its surrounding decoration last longer, ensuring that it remains serene and beautiful.
  • Prevents soil erosion around the house. Trapping moisture in the soil around the house can cause shifts in the soil and cracks in the foundation which can lead to soil erosion. Therefore, preventing water and moisture from being trapped in the soil prevents dampness, stagnant water and flooding which can lead to soil erosion or cause other severe consequences.
  • Provides alternative water storage for future use. When the water is received from the roof through the gutters, the water can be channeled to an underground tank or even a surface water tank, and this water can be used for so many purposes which can significantly reduce your expenses.
  • Helps to keep passage areas free of puddles and ponds. Getting into the house on a rainy day is not possible without being drenched if the rainwater is allowed to drop all around the house. Accidents can also occur because of moss, slime, algae, etc. Installing rain gutters keeps your home’s entrance surface dry and prevents moss, slime, and other growths likely to cause slips and such accidents.
  • Adds value to your property. Because gutters are such a crucial factor in a home, they’re often the first things to be noticed when most people are looking for houses to buy. Having a good gutter system attracts a lot of buyers and adds value to your house.
  • Also provides protection for your house’s interior. When water is left to accumulate on the roof of a house because of poor gutter drainage system or no drainage system at all, damages occur because the water leaks into the interior walls of the house causing damages such as flooding, damaged walks (cracks and breaking), rotted fascia boards, etc.

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Final words

Driveways, sidewalks, and patios are less likely to crack with the right rain gutter, while risk of hazardous growth on the roof, walls and ducts is reduced drastically. Gutters will also help to prevent water ingress and a buildup of excessive weight on the house. Whether the gutter is made of aluminum copper, vinyl, galvanized materials, and so on, the purpose is to ensure your home is protected, as well as to harvest rainwater where needed.

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