3 Tips to Ensure Your Home Foundation is Protected

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How often do you notice cracks or other damage on your home’s foundation? If you don’t take care of these issues, they will only get worse over time and a claim to your homeowners insurance will soon come. A home’s foundational system is its most important part. The exterior walls should be strong enough to withstand external forces such as wind and rain, but the structure behind the walls is even more crucial. This invisible support layer helps protect homes from water intrusions, earthquakes, and other potential hazards.

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Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your home has a strong foundation. These three tips will help in ensuring your home foundation is protected.

1. Keep your home’s foundation in good repair

Older homes can damage the foundational system of your home with poor construction methods and harsh weather conditions. If you spot any cracks or holes, it’s important to have them repaired immediately. This way, water, debris, and other elements won’t penetrate your foundation. It’s also important to fix any broken or cracked areas before the wind causes them to spread even further. Cracks in foundations can result in expensive repair costs and possible structural damage.

2. Use materials that are appropriate for the job at hand

There are many things you can do to increase the strength of your home’s foundational system, including:

Putting down a layer of gravel around the perimeter of your home. This strengthens the walls by hiding dirt and debris and preventing water from infiltrating the walls. The sand-like gravel also helps prevent cold air from penetrating the foundation walls. Installing block-and-mortar or certain types of concrete to reinforce your home’s foundation. Concrete isn’t suitable for every job, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re building on brick or stone foundations, as it creates a sturdy base suitable for long-term use. Providing insulation that keeps the base of your home warm and dry. The earth underneath your home’s foundation will warm up or cool down in line with the weather. Warm air rises, so properly insulating the foundation can ensure it remains at the same temperature as the rest of the home.

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3. Don’t let dirt or water damage your home’s foundation

Keep an eye on cracks and holes near your foundation. You’ve probably seen numerous people with leaky roofs, but your house might not be so strong if you don’t keep an eye on its foundational system. It’s crucial to keep the ground around your home clear of debris. Tree roots can penetrate the foundation and cause cracks, so you must be sure to clear foliage or other objects that could potentially harm your home.

As your home’s foundation is hard to spot, it’s especially important to keep an eye on it. To determine whether or not anything is wrong, you should periodically check the base of your walls for cracks or damaged spots. A yearly inspection will help ensure that no major damage occurs at any point during the year. If you notice a problem with your home’s foundation, act fast to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs down the road.

Your home’s foundation is the most critical component of your structure. The exterior walls keep water, debris, and other elements at bay, but the foundation is crucial in providing a strong, solid base that can withstand external forces. Following these three tips will help ensure you have a strong, safe foundation that will serve you well through all seasons.

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