Professional cleaning tips for your rug

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Did you know that you shouldn’t clean your rugs in your home? Are you following the proper ways of deep cleaning your carpet? And, facts say that 25% of the people remove their shoes indoors. It means that dirt is not only walked into a property but pushed/ground into rug and carpet fibers. If you have pets/children, then cleaning your rugs needs to be taken into care, considering the bacteria and allergens they get exposed to and the danger of insects that would bite them. Vacuuming alone is not enough to wipe off all the rug’s dirt, bacteria, and allergens. Professional carpet cleaning is the solution to this which will clean the carpet, clear out food spills and maintain the quality of the rug.

Cleaning the rug

The rug is home to many microorganisms, including bacteria, microbes, and microspore particles. It is the reason why rug cleaning is essential for healthy well-being. Here are some professional cleaning tips that will save the life of rugs, maintaining the appearance and quality at its best.

Regularly Vacuum Clean Your Rugs

  • The foremost step in cleaning your rug is vacuuming it once a week to keep the dirt, debris, and dust away.
  • Identify the low-traffic and high-traffic areas of your rug and vacuum the high-traffic zones frequently, which will enhance the appearance and maintenance of the carpet.
  • Use a beater bar or a rotating brush vacuum cleaner only on the back of the rug for woolen rugs.
  • Use a beater bar or a rotating brush vacuum cleaner on both the front and back of the rug for a synthetic area rug.
  • Never vacuum the rug tassels and fringes. The vacuum’s thin threads in tassels and fringes would get easily sucked up, damaging the rug.
  • Use a broom to sweep underneath the rug tassels and fringes and then fluff by hand.

Usage of Rug Freshener

  • If your rug doesn’t smell clean after vacuuming, use a powdered anti-bacterial rug freshener.
  • You can also sprinkle rug powders onto the carpets to get rid of bacteria and germs, keeping your rug healthy.

Carefully Shampoo Your Rug

  • Be aware of the solvents used in the rug shampoos, as they would fade your rugs.
  • Following the shampoo manufacturer’s procedure significantly impacts the rug cleaning process.
  • Apply the shampoo with a sponge or blot the rug with a damp white cotton towel so that the carpet is not completely wet, bleeding its colors. And that the shampoo is evenly spread over the rug surface.

The Homemakers’ Traditional Method of Cleaning

  • The traditional method of dusting, followed by the homemakers, will play a vital role in the cleaning process.
  • Bring the rugs outside on a sunny day, invert them and start vibrating its back.
  • This process will loosen the dry soil in the carpet, making it fall out of the rug.

Act Immediately to Spills

  • If the spilled spot is liquid, use a clean and dry towel to press down from the outside of the spill towards the center to blot.
  • Try repeating this process several times until you get a clean section. Continue the blotting process to observe the moisture thoroughly.
  • Never rub it in a circle as it will permanently damage your rug, breaking down the fibers and pushing the spill further inside the carpet.
  • You can remove milk stains on the rug by rinsing the spilled area entirely with a mild detergent mixed with water to prevent souring.
  • You can remove red wine spills on the rug by taking a mixture of Dawn Dish Soap and hydrogen peroxide in the same ratio and blotting it over the spilled spots.

Rubbing the spill

Roll Rugs When Transporting or Storing Up

  • Note that rugs should be rolled and never folded.
  • For long-term storage, deep clean the carpet and wrap the mat with a cleansed and well-penetrable material.
  • During transportation, place your rolled rug on the top of the furniture to avoid crumples or damage.

Simple Cleaning of Small Rugs

  • You can buy rugs that are designed especially for pet owners, thereby limiting the damage of the material.
  • Use premium-quality rug cleaning products that care for pet urine odor, mud, and pet hairs.

Protecting from Pets

  • Always use pet odor remover to get rid of pet urine smells.
  • You can make a simple pet-odor remover solution in your home by mixing ammonia with water in 1:1. Spray this solution in the stinky areas.
  • Clean the spot from outwards after soaking it for about 5 – 7 minutes.

Keep Your Shoes Away from the Rugs

  • Avoid wearing shoes inside your house, especially on your floorcloth, as they can ruin the rug fabric after some time.


Rugs beautify your home, giving it a filled and finished look. Properly cleaning your carpet and taking good care of it will give your rug a new life! Enhance the longevity, quality, and appearance of your rug by following these professional cleaning tips for your carpet.

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