Tips for Preventing a Roach Invasion

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Few things are worse than a roach invasion. These fearful little creatures are terrible roommates. They can get anywhere they want to, cause damage to different objects and also spread diseases. Moreover, the sight of seeing them on your floor or ceiling is not quite a picture you’d like to get used to.

Tips for Preventing a Roach Invasion

For these reasons, you should read on and learn how to prevent roaches from invading your house and also some top cockroach repellent strategies.

Understand Whether You Are at Risk or Not

If you believe you are about to face the unpleasant event of a roach infestation, you should pay attention to your house. The first thing you need to ascertain is if your house is affected and the severity of the issue. Maybe seeing one solitary roach does not seem so dreadful. However, this is already a sign that you should prepare for the worse. Roaches have an amazing reproductive capacity. If you see one, there are high chances that soon, there will be more.

You should start inspecting the areas of your home that might be affected by roaches right after you’ve spotted the first specimen. Roaches don’t like light and you are more prone to find them in dark and hidden areas, for example, in the bathroom or kitchen, behind the sink, bathtub or toilet. They also like narrow spaces where they can crawl and hide and if they also find food supplies there, it’s even better. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see roaches in your cupboards. If you want to make sure you spot them easier, do this investigation work at night and use a flashlight. If you turn on the light, the insects will run for shelter as they are sensitive to it.

Find the Access Ways That Enabled the Invasion

This is not going to be an easy task, but if you arm yourself with determination and patience, you can do it. The problem with roaches is that, being so small, they can very easily fit in any space. Any cracks or openings are good passageways through which roaches can enter your home. Also, they are able to go through the drains and pipes and use these means to get from house to house. If you live in an apartment building, you are already aware that one infected apartment is a likely source of infection for the whole building.

Tips for Preventing a Roach Invasion - dead roaches

Once you find the most probable access ways, you will be able to prevent the roaches from further invading your property by covering them where possible or fixing them in case of cracks or openings that were due to faulty repairs or construction works. However, these access ways should be covered only after you’ve already applied the first line of treatment.

Apply Specific Products

The only way to tackle the problem of roaches is by using specific products and, thank goodness, there is a huge array of options out there. The type of product you use depends on how severe the problem is. If you are not dealing with a real invasion, but you only encounter some sporadic specimens, you can opt for eco-friendly repellents or organic solutions such as baking soda.

Nonetheless, if you are facing an invasion, that is, you see roaches daily in different parts of your home, you should be using chemical products ASAP. You can choose from different types of smoke bombs, sprays or traps, get an efficient fogger for roaches or ask for support from pest control professionals.

Sometimes, more than one product and application will be necessary. No matter what type of intervention you opt for, keep in mind that chemical products can also harm you. Therefore, apply the products only as per the specifications that accompany them and avoid spending time in the area where you’ve just applied repellents. Finally, remember that proper cleaning is always the key to avoiding further or future roach invasions.

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