A Quick-start Guide For A Successful Construction Project

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There are many aspects to consider to complete a successful construction project. Whether from the point of becoming a construction manager or construction worker, there will need to be certain behaviours and mindsets for this to take place.

A Quick-start Guide For A Successful Construction Project

Here are a few examples of ways of thinking and the steps necessary.

Choosing a design pro

The initial step to getting a project off its feet is to consider who will be doing the design work. Each company or individual has different practices and licensing varies from state to state. With that being said, it is crucial to consider a budget before meeting with the person/company so that you can move things forward.

Design a plan

Once you choose a designer that aligns with your vision, the next step to consider is creating a plan that best meets the goals of all parties. These plans come in the form of schematic designs, a rough layout of the floor plan.

Interview contractors

Who’s going to get the work done? It is essential to interview qualified contractors who will get the job done on time. Contractors come into the picture once the plan is agreed upon. As part of the interview, usually, you should ask them an estimate of the schematic design. As you’re waiting on an assessment or once an estimate is made, it is smart to do additional research before you decide on choosing that contractor.

A Quick-start Guide For A Successful Construction Project - construction worker


As the engineering process begins, you should shop for materials needed to complete the task. It is best not to underestimate the quantity you made need or even the quality of the materials. It is best to do this because it gives you an idea of production costs before even building. You want to give yourself time to prepare. Getting a watercart for your contractors is something to consider as well, being if they do not already have one within the company.

Get permitted

The second to last step would be to make sure you have a permit, which the time can vary on receiving one depending on the state. Planning this ahead can allow yourself time to prepare a start date.

Get started

With everything in place (contractors, materials needed, design, etc.), you can now begin the process. If the pricing is more than the budget allows, you may have to value engineer. This means re-scoping the plan and materials to reduce the cost. Now that we talked about the steps in order to achieve a successful project, we should talk about the skills/behaviours needed. To start off, you need to be a planner. This planning involved preparing a construction schedule and knowing how each step will impact the project as a whole. Many project managers or those involved do not plan and fail as a result.

Another skill you should have should be the ability to delegate. This is not telling people what to do, but making sure each person involved knows what to do. Along with that, you should be flexible and transparent, possess emotional intelligence, own foresight into risk management, do not micromanage, have entrepreneurship skills, know your contract, be a strong communicator and many more. With all these points mentioned, it is essential to note that construction projects take time and can take longer depending on the circumstances involved in the process. With the right character traits/skills, equipment and plan, it is very much so possible to achieve your desired result.

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