What to Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer: Ultimate Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Oil stains on the driveway is a stubborn pain. Washing your deck and fence with grime is also a mess. This gets a lot more painful if you are cleaning them with your bucket full of detergent and a brush breaking your back. There’s probably only one thing that can clean these in minutes without any trouble. A pressure washer. Pressure washer delivers concentrated water jet which has enough power to deep-clean any area. If you have decided to go for one, there are a few things involved that you should consider. As you already know, pressure washers have extremely powerful water jet pressure. It can cut through your skin easily. That is why you must consider safety precaution.
Ultimate Pressure Washer Buying Guide

On top of the safety issues, there are certain differences in the features of different manufacturers. You should consider some essential points while buying a pressure washer.

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How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

The working principle of a pressure washer is simple. On board, a gas or electric motor is used to power a pump that will suck and spray water through the pressure washer wand nozzle. You need a water source, typically by connecting a hose to the inlet of pressure washer pump. A wand is connected with the outlet of the pump, which delivers the water through a nozzle creating a jet. This water jet hits the stains or grimes with huge force. Resulting in a clean surface.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

  1. Gas vs Electric

The first thing to decide whether it is going to be an electric or gas pressure washer. Both serve their purpose very well. This is why you need to understand your need before going for one of them. Gas pressure washers are for a serious purpose. These washers are best for delivering powerful water jet. If you are planning for cleaning driveway, deck or sidings without using chemical a gas pressure washer is the choice.

An electric pressure washer is typically weak in the power section. They are good for small jobs like pressure washing a car, small patios or furniture. Electric pressure washers are easy to start and less noisy compared to gas pressure washers. Moreover, there is no emission from electric washers. An electric pressure washer is lightweight and easy to transport. Gas pressure washers are bulky and not easy to move around the yard. If you have issues with your neighbor, a gas pressure washer will not be a suitable choice.

Ultimate Pressure Washer Buying Guide - washing a deck

  1. Power

Like mentioned before, the power of a pressure washer depends on the type of job you are going to perform. A simple equation to understand the power of a pressure washer is cleaning units (CU) = GMP X PSI. The more CU means a better power of a pressure washer. If you have decided what kind of job you need do to most, select a gas or electric pressure washer. Finally, follow the equation and find out the power comparison of pressure washers. If you need extra power then check out commercial hot water pressure washer.

  1. Hot Water vs Cold Water

I like it hot, hot coffee to be exact. But for a pressure washer, no. Why? Cold water pressure washers are way less complicated than hot pressure washers. Cold pressure washers are much portable too. Basically, cold water pressure washer depends solely on water jet pressure for cleaning. Which means this kind of pressure washer is suitable for household washing jobs. But, if are thinking of a farm or an industry, a hot water pressure washer is a good option. Hot water cleans better, definitely. But the complication and big size are not good for a homeowner.

  1. Mobility

A pressure washer needs to be mobile. I mean, pressure washers have a good amount of weight and without portability or mobility, moving them around the yard is going to be really tough. Most of the pressure washers come with wheels that are great for mobility. Don’t make your pressure washer a pain for you missing this feature.

  1. Warranty

This one is a must. Think about it. You bought a pressure washer with one year warranty and it gets dead on the 367th day. You are dead. Look for a manufacturer that meets the above features and gives you a good warranty. Be very sure to read carefully the papers to find out exactly which areas are covered under warranty.

Finally, get a proper pressure washer nozzle. Read carefully the nozzle manuals, the angles and get a good one. Nozzle angles are important for water pressure. The less the degree is the higher the pressure is. Don’t just buy a good looking pressure washer and murder your money in the end. Follow the 5 tips and bring home a great one that lasts a lifetime.

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