How to Presell New Construction Homes: 7 Tips to Sell Out Before the Walls Are Up

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Many real estate developers are in the market to sell their new construction project before it’s even complete. However, pre-selling is probably one of the most challenging things because buyers are apprehensive about putting their money into something that’s not concrete, something that they can’t see or feel.

How to Presell New Construction Homes

Read this article to learn powerful tips to presell your new construction project.

1. Partner with a Specialized Agent

Real estate agents experienced in selling new construction have a certain skill that can attract the right buyers. They can cast a vision that appeals to the buyers, and they often have the tools to close the sale.

2. Take Help of 3D Renderings

Simply talking about how great the property is going to look once it’s complete isn’t likely to work because not everyone can use their imagination to go for the word picture. However, with the help of 3D real estate rendering, you can show exactly what the property is going to look like, helping potential buyers to experience the new property even before it’s built. Moreover, a property listing with 3D renderings is a game-changer. Your buyers are likely to gravitate more toward the listings with 3D renderings than the ones without them.

3. Offer a Lower Price for Early Buyers

This preselling trick is excellent but can work for people who are not in a hurry to buy a property and is willing to wait for the construction to be completed.

4. Use Virtual Renovation Technology

One of the easier ways to sell your unfinished property is to show the prospective buyer how the finished property will look once it’s complete. This can be done through virtual renovation – a technique that uses exceptionally photorealistic photos to virtually complete the property with furniture and decor items. This helps the buyers to visualize how the property will look after the construction is complete.  Virtual technology is a worthy investment because it will not only take the guesswork out of what the new construction will look like upon completion but also put you ahead of the competition.

5. Virtual staging and Creating Rendered Floor Plans 

Both floor plan rendering and virtual staging can accurately create a visual representation of what your completed property will look like. It helps prospects to accurately see the dimensions, depth, the layout of the rooms, and also how the spaces will look once they are completed and furnished.

How to Presell New Construction Homes - virtual staging

6. Invest in Drone Photography 

If you have just cleared the land to start constructing your building, you wouldn’t be able to give your buyers an accurate visual of the project by standing on the edge to click the picture. There will be nothing exciting or compelling about that picture. Use drones if you want to create a strong visual impact of just how massive your project is. Drone photography gives a bird’s eye view of the expanse of the cleared land. You can create a far more compelling image by overlaying your site plan on top of the cleared land image. This helps give your buyers a clear representation of the future project at completion.

7. Kick-off Pre-Construction Marketing

The importance of marketing in real estate sales cannot be overemphasized. Combine all the amazing visual content you have created through virtual technology to come up with a powerful marketing strategy. Drum up your prospects’ interest by boosting your content on social media through paid ads and organic posts. Behind a successful sale is a confident buyer who is armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision. With the help of the above tips, you can properly represent your unfinished property to help buyers make that decision.

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