Tips To Preparing Yourself When Moving Home

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Wherever it is that you are headed to for your big move, it is nonetheless right to say that moving is a roller-coaster of exciting, happy emotions and stress. Yes, you do get giddy about it; however, there is also the physical and emotional stress of almost literally packing up your whole house for the big move. Stay focused on what’s important right now: packing and moving.

Tips To Preparing Yourself When Moving Home

Here are some tips to help guide you along the moving home process:

Designate a notebook or a binder for your move

One of the reasons why preparing for a move becomes stressful is that those who prepare for the same fail to be organized. When you are moving homes, even a straightforward thing such as losing a receipt can already create such significant stress on your mind. It comes in handy, therefore, to have a separate designated notebook, journal, or loose-leaf binder for your move, so you can take note of schedules, trips, keep receipts, and even track down your progress in packing, in preparation for the big day.

Decide early on whether you need movers or not

Hiring a mover isn’t always necessary when moving home; however, a lot of those who have previously experienced moving swear by the effectiveness and convenience of movers, such as Solent Removals. The choice all boils down to your family’s personal preference. Whatever you decide on, make sure that you are confident with the same early on during the move. You will be extra stressed if, later on, at the last minute, you decide on hiring a mover to help you out, but you can no longer find an available one during your time frame.

Create a realistic budget for your move

When you decide to move homes, a part of this decision should also include the budget that you will prepare for the big move. Create an inventory of the things that you are planning to bring, and make a realistic budget for your move as well. If you have any belongings that you are planning to sell, do sell them first, so you have an added amount for your move.

For instance, your budget should include the following:

Purchase the supplies that you need for your move

Part of the preparations for your move should include the purchasing of packing supplies that are needed for the same. It is better to be prepared early rather than experience all the hassle later on of starting to pack, and then realizing that you do not, for example, have newspapers to wrap those plates in. However, this applicable only when you are making the move all by yourself. If you are going to hire a mover instead, then this step should no longer be a problem for you.

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Create time for you, too

Preparing for your house move while still doing your day job can be quite stressful. If you have children and a family to take care of, then at the end of every day, you might lose your cool. It is essential, therefore, that you also take care of yourself emotionally and psychologically when moving homes.

Moving home to an entirely new place can also be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are leaving a place you have called home for many years. If you are leaving behind family and friends, then you will also be sad about thinking when you are going to see them again, and how you can keep in touch. This situation is where it is also vital for you to take a break during the whole preparation process, and make some time for you, too.

Schedule the following, for example:

  • Dates with everyone, like family and friends you want to say goodbye to
  • Trips to the massage parlor or spa for relaxation
  • Lunches at your favorite local shops that you will surely miss

Change your address

Before you leave, be sure that you have already changed your address in all forms and areas concerned, such as in your insurance records, bank records, bill records, and other important organizations. When you arrive at your new home, you will want all your bills and other necessary correspondence to be sent to your address, rather than having to worry about missed letters only because the banks are still carrying the same to your old address.

Plus, most importantly, doing so is a matter of security as well. If you have sold your previous home, you wouldn’t want the new tenants to have access to any of your private letters and mail that they are receiving in their address.


These tips all sum up one fundamental note: moving home can be made less stressful through proper planning. You do not have to be afraid and daunted about preparing for the move, as you can actually convince yourself into enjoying the same. These tips can help you prepare for moving homes, making the experience as smooth and enjoyable as it should be.

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