Real Estate Agents Tips to Preparing Your House For Sale

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When selling property, we all want to secure a high sale price and your chances are greatly improved if you present it in the best possible light. In order to do this, you would need to take a step back and think long and hard about how your home could look to other people. Of course, this is a very difficult task considering all the memories you’ve made along the way in your home. It may take a while before you can detach yourself from your home and see it from another perspective. Whether it’s the patterned wallpaper, chipped wood from pet scratches or even marking the changing height of your children–these are all things you have lived with but a prospective buyer might not see things the same way. Instead, they might worry that these might just cost them money and time.

Real Estate Agents Tips to Preparing Your House For Sale - sold house

So here’s how to create a warm welcoming ambience for prospective buyers who are looking to start fresh and are ready to move in.

Simple Repairs

Although it may be small to you, one of the biggest turn-offs for buyers is damage around the home such as chipped tiles, scuffed paintwork, cracked windows, stained carpets, and other obvious signs of wear and tear. These areas are unsightly and will often alert buyers that the home has not been taken care of and that there is work that must be done. This diminishes their initial enthusiasm for the home and could cause them to lower the price they were willing to offer. You may consult with a real estate agent to discuss which areas in your home you should overhaul before holding an open house. This is to ensure you are increasing the appeal of your property without overcapitalising. If you’re, for instance, selling a house in a divorce, you want to limit yourself to the essential repairs.

Clean and Declutter

If you study other houses that are currently on the market, like homes for sale Destin FL, you will definitely see they are neat and decluttered, cleaned thoroughly, and are nothing short of pristine. By removing the clutter around the home, it will appear larger and allow your prospective buyers to see the capacity o the room properly. By cleaning the house, (Yes, even the annoying hidden areas such as under the sink) you give off the impression that the property has been well taken care of. This gives the prospective buyer an impression that the rest of the house has been well-maintained and lessen the chances of hidden problems arising in the future.

By keeping the space spotless, new buyers can imagine their potential life in that home and focus on what they could do with that space, rather than worry about the mould on the bathroom ceiling. By taking our personal items in your home, you’re creating a neutral canvas for buyers to imagine their own personalities in. While cleaning is totally doable on your own, if you wish to achieve a spotless outcome or an almost good as new feel, we encourage you to hire a professional to do it, especially if your home is large. This way you aren’t stressed and you get to save a huge amount of time.

Work on Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are very important. It almost doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is on the inside if its exterior is a mess because prospective buyers wouldn’t even want to walk in. The exterior sets the tone of the home before buyers can even walk into your door. Plus having a messy exterior would only make buyers think about all the time and money they would have to relandscape the space. By taking the time to mow your lawn, plant some beautiful flowers or repaint the fence can make a huge difference and really highlight the natural space.

Real Estate Agents Tips to Preparing Your House For Sale

Style Your Home

Styling is like giving your property a makeover in order to achieve a fresh look that would appeal more to prospective buyers. You can either purchase new accessories and furniture or simply hire a stylist to do it for you. To lessen the expense of a stylist, you can hone your DIY skills first and undertake many small jobs around the house to before seeking help. If you’re handy enough, why not consider switching over some of those dated fixtures like lampshades, doorknobs, tapware, and handles? Replacing dated tap fixtures with modern options make a big difference. You can also rearrange and repurpose furniture that you feel is valuable to the property. Another task you can entail is painting, while your daughter may have some attachment to her bright pink room, sometimes it’s best to stick to neutral colours such as tans, greys and whites. These are the safest options when adding value and attracting interest. You can either purchase new accessories, or buy from an auction site like Grays

Renovate If You Must

You can also consider renovating some parts of your home to increase value. If you compare your home to other houses for sale in your area, what sets yours above the rest? What do they have that you don’t? By adding in a new, unique element to your home without having to majorly alter your home can greatly increase the price. For example, if you notice that all the properties in the area have solar panels or a pool, you might consider renovating your home to be able to compete with the other houses for sale. But wait, before you jump on the renovation train, figure out who your ideal buyer is before spending vasts amount of money. Analyse which demographics of your area you are targeting and think about what features in a home would be beneficial to them.

If you’re targeting young families, then ensure that your outdoor space is fenced and secure. If you think your place might suit someone who would live alone, then invest more money into security or alarm systems. If you’re looking to reach retirees, then they would appreciate a lawn that is easy to care for or a backyard shed. You can figure out your demographic by doing research. Start by talking to your local real estate agent, our team of honest and approachable professionals at in Ormeau and the Gold Coast region are ready to assist you.

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