Preparing Yourself And Your Home For A Roof Replacement

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There’s no doubt that having your roof replaced is a major job and will cause some disruption to your normal life. If you have a family, particularly a young family, you will need to make adequate preparations to ensure that your normal day to day life is affected as little as possible. The first thing to do is make sure you plan your roof replacement well in advance. Speak to your roofing contractor and try and find a suitable time of year when the weather will be almost certainly rain free.

Preparing Yourself And Your Home For A Roof Replacement

You will of course also need to clarify with the roofing contractor how long the job will actually take. Well regarded and experienced roofing contractors in Sydney, for example,  should be able to give you a completion date that is more or less spot on, allowing for you to plan your life after the roof replacement.

Top Tips to Prepare for a Home Roof Replacement

Please see below for a few tips on how you can minimize the disruption and negate the chance of accidental damage when having your roof replaced.

  1. Children and Pets – We’ve already mentioned children but make sure you don’t forget about any pets. Not just dogs and cats but also any rabbits and even goldfish as well. You need to make provision for your furry and not so furry friends!
  2. Remove Wall Decorations and Curtains – Although this may seem obvious, many people overlook the mess that a roof replacement can make of the interior. Many things can be covered, but items like pictures and curtains should be removed and stored until the roof replacement is complete.
  3. Vehicles – Your roofing contractor will need complete and full access to your property. You will need to relocate any cars or motorbikes from your driveway or from outside your house for the duration of the work.
  4. Move your Outside Furniture and BBQ – The external area around the roof should be free of all obstructions. Make sure any garden furniture, BBQ, toys and kid’s bikes are moved out of the way.
  5. Clear Out your Attic – If you have anything valuable stored in your attic, remove it. Anything that can withstand a bit of dust and debris from above should be covered with a sheet.
  6. Garden Maintenance – Ensure that access to the roof is unimpeded for the roofing contractors. This may be mean cutting back the foliage to provide unfettered access and perhaps even cutting overhanging branches off.
  7. Satellite Dishes and TV Aerials These will need to be removed. If necessary, call in your original installers to carry out the removal and call them again to reinstall. Don’t attempt this job on your own!
  8. Let your Neighbors Know What’s Going On – Make sure your neighbors are aware of the work that’s to be carried out. Let them know there could be a bit of noise during the day.

A well-regarded roofing contractor will be able to give you more information regarding preparation when they come to price up the roof replacement. Trust them and take their advice, they’re the experts!

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