Recycled Eco-Friendly Plastic Patio Furniture Buying Guide

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How do you like your rest after a long day? Popping a bottle of champagne or chilling in the swimming pool; Listening to music or relaxing on your patio furniture?  If you are like me that love to enjoy the cool evening breeze on my patio furniture, this article is for you.

Recycled Eco-Friendly Plastic Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Thoughts may be racing through your mind, what exactly is plastic patio furniture? What are they made of? why should I choose them over others? what is its overall effect on my entire wellbeing?  The answers to your questions are here- read on.

What is plastic patio furniture?

Just as the name implies, these are poly outdoor furniture made from plastic. They are modern plastic furniture that would fit in just perfectly into a garden or beside a pool. Today, most outdoor table and chairs are patio furniture.

What are they made of?

Not just any material. The material that makes up patio furniture is termed poly wood. Poly wood is manufactured from: foaming compounds, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and some selected additives – all carefully mixed to give you comfort.

The main material is high-density polyethylene is produced from plastic materials previously used by consumers. These plastic materials could include containers, water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles. Through a short process, all these are melted and molded into patio furniture.

How sustainable is it?

We all want value for our money and that’s exactly what patio furniture offers. Interestingly, getting patio furniture doesn’t only get you good relaxing furniture but also puts you on the good side of nature. Purchasing patio furniture is unarguably good for the environment. The use of melted recycled plastic bottles has a positive impact on the reduction of the rate of landfills, water and land pollution in the world today. Not only that. A possible alternative for plastic-built patio furniture is wood furniture. To get wood, you need to cut trees down. Cutting trees down means increased levels of global warming gases such as carbon(iv)oxide and generally warmer earth. So, purchasing plastic-built patio furniture helps you help the earth by saving a few trees.

Recycled Eco-Friendly Plastic Patio Furniture Buying Guide - chairs

What about its maintenance?

Unlike teak furniture and wood furniture is maintenance-free. Since this furniture has been UV treated, the possibility of color shading as a result of the sun is very low. A very great benefit indeed! Just set up those outdoor table and chairs in the right environment and you are good to go!

How fast do I get it?

Have you ever ordered wooden patio furniture online? It could take a lifetime before getting to you. really, the manufacturers aren’t to be blamed because by-passing the due process of refining the wood could mean delivering furniture that is far below quality. That’s what makes plastic patio furniture peculiar. The plastic can be melted and molded within a very short period of time; a significantly shorter amount of time compared to other types of patio furniture.

How long will it last?

I’m sure you wouldn’t want furniture that would last for only a few months. Purchasing plastic patio furniture means no worries about cracking wood, rust, rotten wood or other issues associated with patio furniture.  The truth is until you decide to get a new one, your plastic patio furniture would look ever new. In fact, it can last a lifetime.

Does the climate affect it?

Like I said earlier, you have would have no problems with your furniture on sunny days due to the UV protection. The worst that could happen would be wiping off excess water on rainy days. Once again, I assure you your plastic patio furniture would definitely blow your mind.

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