4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer in Raleigh, NC 

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Winter is on its way out as the days start to get warmer. This means catching rays at the beach or going on a much-needed vacation with the family. However, these plans can be derailed by an air conditioning problem or leak in the house. Your summer fun budget now has to go to repairs – way to ruin a vacation. Prevent this from happening by preparing your home for the summer months.

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We’ll go over a few pointers specific to North Carolina, so a mountain of bills doesn’t spoil your time off.

1. Make Sure Your AC System is Up-to-Date

This is the most important tip when preparing your home for the summer. Here are some ways to ensure your AC is ready for the hot months up ahead:

  • Clean your AC unit and straighten the coils if necessary.
  • Test your AC system before summer kicks in. This way, if there’s an issue, you can fix it ahead of time.
  • NC summers are very high in pollen; replace your filter every 3 weeks.
  • NC summers are also subject to cold snaps; therefore, take the same precautions for your heater.

All of this is a lot to handle on your own, so you should get your systems inspected by a professional. There are many capable and trusted Raleigh HVAC contractors waiting to help you.

2. Reduce the Moisture in the Air

Summer is known for its humid days. Allowing humidity to build up in your home creates mildew, which may eventually erode your walls, ceilings, and threaten your health.It’s also very uncomfortable, making you feel stuffy and sweaty. Not even a shower will make you feel clean.

Here are a few ways to manage this.

  • Invest in a dehumidifier
  • Keep the air moving by turning on fans
  • Keep surfaces dry
  • Try to do laundry in less loads. Otherwise, you will dampen the air in the room.

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3. Fix Up Damage Caused in Colder Months

We loved the winter holidays, but the season also takes a toll on your house. It’ll need a number of maintenance measures, so it can be prepared to handle the challenges summer will come with.

Here are some measures to take:

  • Clean gutters and drains thoroughly to prevent clogging.
  • Inspect your roof for any caulking that needs to be replaced or areas that need some TLC.
  • Make sure your sprinklers are in working order, if you have some.
  • Tend to your fence and any pieces that need replacing.
  • Clean your walkway, driveway, and any other outdoor spaces you have for a better appearance.

In short, summer cleaning is just as necessary as spring, if not more.

4. Improve Interior Comfort

These little things might not seem like much at first, but put together they’ll add up to a well-protected house. To improve interior comfort consider insulation. You might be looking at this page strangely now. However, even in the hot summer months, you need proper insulation. Otherwise, conditioned air can leak through, running up your electric bill. Also, consider some shading curtains to block out light and heat. Check your doors; hinges might need tightening. And finally, use thin bed comforters. Heavy sheets kept you warm in the winter, but they’ll overheat you in the summer.

Now You’re Good To Go!

You’ve gotten your air conditioning system in order. You’ve done what you can and called in professional help when needed. Your local Raleigh HVAC contractors have given it a clean bill of health. You’ve taken care of cleaning duties both inside of the house and out. You’re ready to kick off your summer. Go plan that much-needed vacation!

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