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According to recent statistics, around 70 people a day are moving to the wonderful city of Raleigh in North Carolina. The homes are affordable, and it has been voted the number one place to live in North Carolina. On top of this, it has been voted as one of the best cities in the US for quality of life.

Raleigh from the air

There are plenty of reasons why this is the case but if you are still unsure about calling the lovely people at Bellhop moving to help you make your move to Raleigh then here are just a few reasons why you should make that move.


Raleigh is one of those places that whilst still a city isn’t overcome by being overly busy and loud. It still has a small-time feel where you will run into people you recognize quite often. There is a feeling of comfortability and familiarity despite having all the convenience of living in a city. It may take you a little while to get to that point but wait it out and see if you can imbed yourself within the community. There is a population of around 500,000 living in Raleigh as of 2020. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. It had only 290,000 people living there in the year 2000. If you enjoy the opportunity to meet new people whilst also knowing that you can run into that friend that you made the week before then Raleigh may be the place for you. It is a city but a small town as well. You will always meet new people but never have that fear of being isolated and lonely that can come with moving to a big city.

The people of Raleigh 

Speaking of the people, they are one of the things that make it so great and easy to move there. They are some of the most welcoming and nicest people around. Raleigh has a lot to offer and because of this, the people who live there are happy and content. Unlike many places around the US, Raleigh is a great place for jobs, has lovely weather, and is more affordable than other places. As previously mentioned, Raleigh was voted as one of the best places to live in the US. You will no doubt recognize the difference if you are coming from one of the large states like New York. The people of Raleigh have an infectious and contagious personality.

The job opportunities

Many surveys have granted Raleigh the status of being one of the best places to get a job since 2015. As well as having a thriving community, Raleigh has great domestic and international links through its newly renovated airport, Raleigh Durham International. It has been bringing new flight paths to the area. There are more than 24,000 job openings in Raleigh and this number continues to grow. The best thing about these jobs is that the salary matches the home values. To sell it even more, Raleigh has a high job satisfaction rate, especially when you compare it with surrounding states. One of the biggest assets that Raleigh has in the job market is Research Triangle Park. This has brought a high number of executives to the area that has begun top open their headquarters there. Companies like Met Life have been attracted to the area which has brought huge salaries along with it. Other companies like Citrix and RedHat have also been persuaded to take the move. Despite it having a small-town feel, Raleigh has big-city opportunities.

Raleigh campus

The Food Scene

One of the most attractive things about Raleigh is its vibrant and ever-growing food scene. Southern Magazine ranked it as one of the top 10 tastiest towns to live in, in the South of America. There are over 1,200 restaurants in the area with a mix of cuisines to suit every tastebud. On top of this, the service in these restaurants is some of the best in the world. They can do fine dining but also give you that warm welcome feel to make sure that you are suited for any occasion.

The Beer

The beer scene in Raleigh has continued to grow massively in recent years. It recently stole the largest beer garden in the world from the home of beer, Munich. The Raleigh Beer Garden has over 366 beers on tap and as such as managed to wrestle the title from its German rival. The city has lots of great breweries and as such they are all competing to create a beer that will win the title for best beer. There will be one for every taste whether you prefer a dark stout, a hoppy pale ale, or a crisp refreshing lager, the options in Raleigh are endless.

House Prices

Some of the houses on sale in Raleigh are the most affordable in the country. No matter what area you are looking in, the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, or the quiet and peaceful suburb, Raleigh has affordable homes for all tastes. The homes are mostly so affordable because it is the only major technology-driven city with home prices under the national average. If you are fortunate to work in the tech industry, then your cost of living will be significantly lower than in other major technology cities. The money you would spend on a tiny apartment in San Francisco can get you almost double the space in Raleigh. The city itself is much smaller but the quality of life is way better. It all depends on what you are in the market for.

Moving to Raleigh 

The thing about moving is you will know right away if the city is for you. You will be able to spend half a day in it and instinctively be able to tell whether you could spend your days here or if you need to go somewhere else. The best advice is to try the city out. Don’t be swayed by what other people say, follow our moving tips and visit yourself and make your own conclusions.

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