Upgrade Your Living Space With A Premium Recliner

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A cosy recliner can enhance the ambience of your living room significantly. Beyond offering a comfortable spot to unwind or enjoy a quick nap, a top-notch recliner brings an additional layer of opulence and elegance to your living space. If you’re looking to upgrade your living area with new furniture, consider investing in a premium recliner sofa or single chair.

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This helpful guide will walk you through what to look for when shopping for a top-tier recliner and provide tips for choosing the perfect model for your needs and style.

Consider Size, Space, and Placement  

Before starting your recliner search, take measurements of the room you plan to place it in. Make sure to measure the length and width of the area to ensure your selected model will fit comfortably in the allotted footprint without obstructing walkways. It’s also wise to map out potential placement ahead of time, considering entertainment centres, end tables, lamps, and other existing furniture or décor items. Be sure to leave enough space for the chair’s full range of reclining motion so it does not crash into walls or block windows when fully extended. 

Evaluate Frame and Comfort Features

A quality recliner needs a sturdy internal frame to support user weight and stand the test of time with consistent use over many years. Search for chairs that are equipped with dense and substantial foam padding in both the seat cushions and backrest. Premium recliner options may also include cushioned armrests, customisable headrests, and extendable footrests to enhance the overall comfort.

Consider Leather vs. Fabric Options   

One of the most important recliner considerations is whether you prefer the luxurious look and feel of leather or the softness and breathability of fabric upholstery. Top-grain leather is the highest quality and most durable leather option for recliners. It’s easy to clean, resists cracking and punctures, and gets softer over time. Leather also offers a sleek, refined style. Meanwhile, fabrics like microfiber provide a cosy, lived-in look and feel. Durable microfiber can still look elegant while making it suitable for households with children, pets, and everyday use. Just choose darker hues to hide dirt and stains better.

Look For Customisation Features

From power reclining mechanisms to built-in USB ports, today’s recliners boast incredible variety when it comes to special features and customisation options. Many high-end recliners offer power reclining at the simple touch of a button, making adjusting your positions almost effortless. Additional features like storage consoles with cupholders, lighting systems, massagers, and other high-tech add-ons can seriously amplify comfort levels. Consider splurging on the features that best accommodate your needs and lifestyle. Just prepare to pay top dollar for the very latest recliner tech trends.

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Shop Top Brands For Quality

Sticking with tried-and-true recliner brands known for quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and durable construction is always a smart approach. Visit furniture stores for vast recliner selections at various price points. Do some research to see reviews and customer experiences before investing in pricier designer recliner labels. While expensive, luxury brands often get stellar marks for exquisite comfort, customisation options, and longevity.

Explore Financial Options If Needed

Quality recliners carrying premium price tags can still fit many budgets thanks to retailers offering special financing promotions. Most furniture stores often run no interest financing deals, allowing customers to make equal monthly payments over periods ranging from 4 to 12 months. Just be sure to pay off the full amount by the end of the promotional period to avoid getting hit with hefty deferred interest. If paying cash upfront isn’t feasible, low or no interest financing makes that dream recliner much more accessible.

Make The Most Of Your Purchase

Once you bring that plush new premium recliner home, optimise the benefits by actually using it regularly. Make it your go-to relaxation destination after a tiring workday, or reserve it specifically for leisurely weekend movie marathons. Cosy up with your morning coffee or wind down in the evenings with a good book. Move an accent table next to the recliner to always have snacks, drinks, remotes, tablets and other items within arm’s reach. Finally, protect your investment by routinely vacuuming to prevent dirt and crumbs from embedding in the fibres. Following a proper cleaning regimen keeps a high-end recliner looking its best any season.

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