Most Popular House styles and Designs

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The world isn’t just great at producing different people its different skills, it is home to a wide range of house styles. Some arise from the difference in cultures, some due to different climatic conditions while others still due to quintessential building styles. Though people have different tastes for home styles, the region of a country also plays a major in determining the tastes. In the US for instance, the southwestern part has distinctive homes with low profiles and stucco outside.

Most Popular House styles and Designs

Even before looking at the styles of houses, you must know different types of houses. Remember, if you want to buy social media services to market your houses; buy tiktok followers and increase you viewers.


Apartments are groupings of small units under one overall structure. They are rental properties with several additional services such as maintenance facilities and gym, community room, and even swimming pool.


With condo comes to the benefits of homeownership and those that having apartments provides. Here, you shoulder all the maintenance within your unit though the overall structure is taken care of by the association.

Single-family/ detached homes

This is what we know as a home. This is a single structure that sits on its own. With these types of houses comes privacy and freedom for making any changes in properties. They are more expensive to maintain and require more upkeep.

Modern Housing Styles

1. Victorian House style

Victorian house styles are usually identified with their complex lines, several trims, and colorful paints. Moreover, they are at times called dollhouses or gingerbread because of the beautiful trims that the houses embody this style of housing was more common between 1830 and  1910. The rooms are mostly separated with the interiors with no open floor plans.5-Minute History confirms that these houses have oddities that cannot compare with any other house style. For instance, they have doors or even stairs that lead nowhere or even windows into other rooms.

2. Farm House Style

This is mainly for living on a farm. As people started moving from traditional structures, they carried good qualities of a farmhouse with them. Don’t get me wrong. Today’s farmhouse styles are very different. The likelihood of finding them in suburban areas is just the same as that of finding them in rural areas. To make them friendlier, they have contemporary lines hence more family-friendly. Here are some distinguishing characteristics of old farmhouses.

The first porch. This serves as a place for welcoming guests. Moreover, dirty shoes are doffed here while relaxing in the shade. Getting inside, there entertaining in front of the house together with the kitchen. Private parts are at the back.

Most Popular House styles and Designs - family home

3. Cape Cod-style

This is one of the most common home styles. It is a simple and symmetrical house that’s usually associated with New England from where it took root. It has a broad single-story building with a gabled roof. Though builders didn’t finish the top floor initially, contemporary versions have adopted it as a second story appended with dormer windows. Moreover, this type of home style has a central entrance. Even so, it can have other features such as columns.

4. The beautiful Cottage House style

This is usually a small house with either old-fashioned features or not. In most countries, modern versions of this style are found in both suburban and rural areas. It refers to a small house with a living room on the ground floor with bedrooms on the upper floors. Until the late 1970s, these housing styles were home to upper and middle-class families. However, several characteristics define cottage houses; picturesque dormers having steep rooflines, front porch, and arched doorways. Now you can buy prefab cottages and have your cottage in the woods in no time.

5. Colonial

Have you been around Mississippi? Colonial houses are the most common housing style in Mississippi. With their contemporary twists, these houses have evolved into one of the most common styles though they were started by colonialists. They are rectangular with symmetrical dimensions. Where are the staircases and entry doors located? At the center of the house. Just imagine. You should try and have a look at this house style. Its plan is very unique. Even so, some of these houses still have traditional elements. These include brass fixtures and formal entryways.

6. Tudor

Brought to America by European architects, this kind of housing involves a combination of modern and early architectural styles. Some of the distinguishing features of Tudor’s home include stucco walls with colorful timbering, well-decorated gable roofs, and a masonry chimney. Though it has an arched doorway, its entrance is not symmetrical. The doors are not attractive; they have pieces of bricks around their openings.

There are so many housing styles that cannot be exhausted here’s per the contours of your needs, familiarize yourself with these home styles and choose that which you need. Moreover, before choosing which one to settle for, you must consider distinguishing characteristics of each style. What are you waiting for! Dive in and equip yourself with these styles today!

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