Affordable Screen Porch Ideas for Your Home

Do you love having outdoor activities? A screen porch provides you with a great space to relax while entertaining your guests. But how do you build it affordably? Coming of the Coronavirus forced most of us to spend a lot of time in our homes. Be it backyard parties or summer bonfires, we started hosting events at our homes. As per a report on outdoor living trends by Fixr, more than 85% of experts are willing to invest in outdoor living spaces. The outdoor spaces are mostly used for gathering with friends and family, and relaxation. While relaxing, you can get social media services for your business at Jaynike.

Affordable Screen Porch Ideas for Your Home

But how do you create a space for relaxation and gatherings? Now, with advances in technology, screen in porches area pure delight. It enables the addition of space to your home without having construction issues. Moreover, while reducing exposure to elements and bugs, the screen porch allows you to enjoy outdoor activities. But what exactly is a screen porch?

This is a type of porch that is covered with screens to hinder insects and debris from entering the area. So how much are you willing to part with to have this amazing structure installed for you? As per the reports by Angi; a home improvement site, the cost of an average screen porch ranges between $2000 and $2800.Even so, the cost varies as per the contours of your needs. But you need not worry because there are ways to build a screen porch without digging deep into your pockets.

1. Use an existing patio or porch

Do you have a patio in your house? Most houses have already a built-in patio and building a screen porch around it is a cheap way of doing it. How much does it cost to build a new screen porch? Are you ready to part with that? Again, Angi reports that it cost $25 to 120 dollars per square foot to build a new screen porch. You can cut this cost by using the already existing porch. But how does this reduce the cost? Now, erecting a building involves incurring the cost of flooring materials, structural members, and roofing. By using an already existing porch, you do away with the cost of flooring because it exists already. Moreover, the cost of structural bases is also taken care of. This saves a lot! It takes so much to buy these materials let alone fix them. Do you want a screen porch? Are you stacked because of the cost involved? You can get such in the market. And guess what! This is just a click away from you. Use your existing patio and get a gathering space with friends.

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2. Build in the fall or winter

Winter isn’t a good time for an outdoor project right? But this could be your ideal time to build a screen porch. Building during this time could be cheaper because if you think about it, winter is an off-season which means lower cost of labor and materials as it’s slower than spring or even summer. As Carson says, be flexible in the ‘how’ but stubborn on the ‘why’. Flexibility allows you to avoid last-minute rush which comes due to tight schedules. Tight timelines lead to high delivery costs and premium wages. Think of it this way, you’ve limited yourself to building the porch within two months. During the scheduled period, the prescribed materials are unfortunately not available. What do you do? For homeowners planning to add a screen porch, winter is the best time to build one as you can cut all exorbitant charges.

porch screen with wooden frame

3. Downsize and Keep it simple

To cut the cost involved in building a screen porch, simplicity is the goal. Even so, this boils down to the core purpose of the porch. For some, the families are so large thus the porch should be large as well. For some, the porch should just be conducive to relaxing. More square footage means more expenditure. But why should you build a big porch if its core purpose is just for personal relaxation space? Why should you compete with friends who are building for different reasons? Though solar screens or even temperature control are great additions, they add to the cost. To make it cozy, perfect for relaxing yet entertaining without breaking your bank, add a full-size sofa and a bar cat.

4. Choose affordable materials

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Have you noticed fluctuations in the cost of building materials in the last few months? With these fluctuations, if you don’t plan, your screen porch may be very expensive. The cost of materials could go even higher in case you choose hardwood material. Moreover, asphalt roofs are even more costly.

Do you plan to have a screen porch? Do you want the screen to be installed properly to keep the bugs away? Here are strategies just for. Just imagine! Use affordable materials, use the already existing porch to avoid flooring costs while keeping it simple. And guess what! Within a few months of commitment, you will achieve that which was initially thought to be impossible, a beautiful porch without bugs.

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