Plumbing Problems: When to Call a Professional

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Water supply is a basic requirement in any standard house. Water supply and sewage pipes vary in size depending on the quantity of water required and sewage produced in a building. Tall residential buildings and factories consume huge volumes of water and they are usually connected to pipes with wider diameters. Tall buildings require a water system with higher pressure to reach those on the top floors.
Plumbing Problems When to Call a Professional

Modern pipes are strong and more durable in nature. However, it doesn’t mean that the pipes can’t fail. Changes in water pressure, weather, and other factors can make your pipes to block, leak or bust. A faulty pipe, be it a sewage pipe, water pipe or gas pipe should be fixed on time to prevent pollution, wastage, and fire respectively.

Common plumbing problems

1) Low pressure

If you notice a gradual reduction in water pressure over time, something is wrong in your water supply system. If it is a sink or showerhead, it is most likely that the aerator is clogged by some residue. Just screw off the aerator or the shower head and remove the residue using a brush. If this trick doesn’t fix your problem, then the problem lies in the waterline. It might be a water leak or a fractured pipe that is reducing your pressure. You should not try to fix this if you are not a plumber since you might not find where the problem is or you can cause more serious problems.

2) Sewage or sulfur-like odor

Sewage leak is easy to identify since the effluent produces a pungent smell. A crack on the vent will also let out the bad smell. If you don’t fix a leaking sewage pipe in time, it can weaken the wood and make iron nails to rust thus weakening the foundation of your house within a short period of time. In case your sewage or water pipes fail, Ferrari Plumbing Company and other trusted plumbing companies provide high-quality services. You should repair your water pipes on time to avoid wastage of water which can lead to high water bills.

The odor can make your neighbors complain or even sue you for pollution. The leaking sewage can also pollute the environment by contaminating water run-off. This might cause cholera and other deadly water-borne diseases. Don’t try to fix this problem on your own since gloves and other protective gear is needed to repair a sewage system. The plumber is also able to identify the damage caused by the leaking fluid and give appropriate recommendations.

3) Frozen pipes

During winter, water or sewage in most pipes freezes and stops flowing. The signs of frozen pipes include clanking noises in the waterline when you open the tap, tap water not flowing, the sewage faucet producing a pungent smell, and the presence of moisture on pipes.

Plumbing Problems When to Call a Professional - frozen pipe

You can prevent this problem by letting the faucets to drip and leaving the sink cabinet open when the temperatures are below freezing point. However, if the waterline or sewage system freezes, contact a plumber immediately since pressure can build up and the pipes can burst after some time.

4) Slow draining

The toilet, tub, or sinks might start draining slowly if solid materials accumulate in the outlet pipes. Such pipes make materials to start decomposing after some time hence it will start producing a bad smell. You can use plungers or drain products force the materials to move. However, if this trick doesn’t work, contact your plumber immediately.

5) Smelling gas

A gas leak can cause a disaster if it is not identified and fixed in time. If you smell a gas leak, be it in your kitchen, house or anywhere in your neighborhood, contact your utility company immediately. If it is in your house, ensure that you have turned off the burner correctly. If it doesn’t work, turn off electrical appliances and don’t try to light a fire. Open all doors and windows to let the gas out and stay outside as you wait for your plumber or utility company to fix it.

Plumbing Problems When to Call a Professional - sewage

6) Hearing water flowing in pipes

If you happen to hear liquid flowing through your sewage or water pipe and no one is using the tap or toilet, there is a problem. One of the things that cause this problem is a water leak. Call your plumber to fix the problem if the water meter is spinning and water is not in use since you might pay extra costs.

7) Gurgling

A clogged pipe will start gurgling when you are using the laundry or toilet. If it is a toilet, the system is likely to backup within some time. This problem should be solved on time to avoid bad smell and contaminated sewage from getting into the house. Similarly, if you are using the shower or dishwasher, turn it off and contact your plumber immediately.

Clean water supply is an essential commodity in any building. A good sewage system is also needed to outlet contaminated water. However, water and sewage pipes can freeze, drain slowly, or produce a pungent smell when they clog. Always contact your plumber when you see any abnormality in your water system to fix a leakage and other piping problems on time.

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