Seven Actionable Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency in Brooklyn

Plumbing emergencies rarely occur but when they do, they can result in great damages to your house or business property. It is natural for you to panic as a result of an unexpected plumbing emergency. Take, for example, a gas leak or a burst pipe plumbing emergency occurring in your house. Each of them has the potential to cause significant property damage and threat to life.

Seven Actionable Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency in Brooklyn

Given that these emergencies rarely strike in the most convenient times, they present unprecedented challenges. Besides the emergencies inconveniencing you, they may result in huge damages if not repaired promptly. They can also set you back a couple of dollars in terms of plumbing costs. Listed below are seven tips that can help you best handle a plumbing emergency in your Brooklyn house or commercial property once it arises.

1. Shut Off the Main Water Supply

If you are experiencing a water-related plumbing challenge, shut off the main water supply immediately. The plumbing emergency might be a burst pipe or water leakages. Your readiness to swing into action is key. Remember every minute counts during a plumbing emergency. Taking immediate action forestalls further damage to your house or commercial property and your possessions.

Delays in shutting off your main water supply can lead to flooding and exacerbate damages. After turning off the main water supply valves in your house, turn on all your faucets. This serves to drain any water remaining in the plumbing pipes that are contributing to the water leaks. If you are only experiencing a toilet or a tap leak, shut off the water flowing to them specifically. This will enable you to call an emergency plumber without disrupting most of the water flow in your house.

2. Avoid Use of Chemicals

However much appealing the use of chemicals might look to you, avoid their use on your clogged drain. Always contact your plumber to come and resolve your blocked drain. The challenge with blocked drains is that you are really not sure what is causing the blockages. Consequently, the use of chemicals might only damage your plumbing pipes. This, in turn, might add more to plumbing repair charges.

3. Undertake Leak Repairs Promptly

Should one of your taps in the kitchen or bathroom be leaking or dripping, call your local emergency plumber immediately. Although minor leaks might look inconsequential, they might push up your water bills significantly. Undertaking quick repairs once you notice a leak is the safest bet in avoiding huge water bills.

4. Turn Off Your Water Heater

It is always advisable to turn off your water heater if you are experiencing a major plumbing emergency in Brooklyn. This reduces the chances of damage to the appliance. After turning off the main valve, promptly shut off your water heater. Failure to do so can result in bursting or overheating of the heater. Should you be using a gas-powered water heater, always start by shutting off the gas.

Seven Actionable Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency in Brooklyn - plumber

5. Invest in a Good Plunger

It can’t be overstated enough the need for you to own a high-quality plunger in your house. Plungers can really save you a couple of hundred dollars in terms of plumbing costs. With the use of a plunger, you can easily break down soft blockages. Only after failing to unblock a drain with a plunger would you now opt to call a pro. Plungers are readily available in most stores at affordable prices.

6. Take Charge of the Situation

As stated earlier, it is very easy to panic in the face of a plumbing emergency. The downside of you panicking during an emergency is the avoidable losses it can potentially result in. Always keep a clear head and act decisively to remove any items that could be damaged. If you are experiencing a gas leak, for example, swiftly shut off the gas valve and evacuate all home occupants.

7. Call in a Professional Plumber Near You

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make during a plumbing emergency is to delay in calling a plumber. Calling a Brooklyn plumber early enough will help you in obtaining initial help regarding your plumbing issue. The professional technician can also advise you on the steps to take as you wait for him or her to arrive.

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