Common Plumbing And Heating Issues in Old Homes and How to Fix Them

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Sometimes, as an old homeowner, you may forget that your home is old. On the other hand, you might have recently bought a home with ancient designs.
Common Plumbing And Heating Issues in Old Homes and How to Fix Them

Whatever your situation is, here are five common plumbing and heating issues that you are likely to experience and how to solve them.

The Common Plumbing Issues

  1. Galvanized pipes

The pipes that were commonly fitted in the designs of the old homes were the galvanized pipes that are outdated today. If you have been wondering why your water tastes sour, probably it is due to the corrosion from these pipes. This should not worry you though; a simple replacement with appropriate pipe system should solve your problem.

  1. Sewer lines

Due to the many years these sewer pipes have stayed on the ground, they might be beginning to wear off. Malfunctioning sewer lines will cause water retention on most of your drainage outlets in the house. This is a major problem, but a plumbing and heating professional should be able to diagnose the problem and fix it by mending the sewer line pipes or replacing them.

  1. Clogging

Imagine more than 50years of passing soapy, oily and even lathered water. The pipes are bound to clog as too much solid is settled on their walls. As much as you endeavor to keep the solids out of the water drain somehow for an older house, the pipes will be clogged. The easiest way to solve this is to involve experts who will clean up the drainage system by sucking the excessive debris that may be causing the clogging. They might also see it fit to replace the drainage system altogether.

  1. Old fittings

If your house still has the original drainage fittings, it is about time you changed them. The valves and the washers must have outlived their span and might cause you trouble. The solution is a quick replacement to prevent the leaks and making sure that water runs freely on the pipes.

  1. Mix up of preferences from the multiple owners

Some of the old houses may have had more than four owners before you owned it. All these people had different choices on drainage solutions.  If the fittings do not work, you can seek to overhaul the whole system and replace them with ones that are more functional.
Common plumbing and heating issues in old homes and how to fix them - plumbing

The Common Heating Issues

  1. The house is too cold

Old houses can be too cold. This could be caused by old wall pads or broken heat systems. The solution to this is to insulate all the walls and make sure that any cracks are sealed to conserve heat in the house. If the heating system is no longer functioning, you could consider seeking heating repair in Middletown to fix the issues timely and professionally. Or if repair is not sufficient, replacing it with the help of these professionals will be wiser.

  1. No room for a new heat system

Most old designed homes are space-strained. They have tighter closet spaces and constrained wall allowances. This makes it harder to install a new upgraded heating system. If this is your issue, the solution would be exploring alternative external heating options such as additional fireplaces or wood stoves. You can also use a dry radiant system that takes lesser space and still compliment your needs.

  1. Drafting

Due to the old age of the house, drafting is bound to happen. You will discover that as much as you have a functioning heating system, the house may still feel cold. The solution to the drafting is mostly weather stripping, door sweeps, or installing insulation pads on the walls. This will go along way into preserving more heat and making your house warmer.

  1. High heating cost

This is usually caused by a general lack of insulation and possible cracking on the house hence causing excessive heat loss from the house. The general solution to this is to either substitute the heating needs with external solutions such as wood stoves or to repair the house to avoid the heat loss.

  1. Old fixtures

If you are experiencing many heating issues, with the radiators or the boilers, for instance, it could be due to wear and tear. Invest in new fittings and get the problem solved permanently.

Old houses are beautiful spaces that hold the vintage vibes. They are fun to live in and are sometimes cheaper housing solutions. This means that the heating and the plumbing issues have to be dealt with certainty to make these houses more habitable.

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