How to fix a plumbing leak

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How to fix a plumbing leak - repair

Dealing with a plumbing leak is not a good experience to have and it can be very stressful. Depending on how much water is leaking and if it is causing any damage to the property or home can really make for the experience to be financially and emotionally debilitating. In some instances there are ways to save money on fixing the problem. The easiest way to save money on a plumbing problem is to do it yourself. This article will provide some tips on how to fix a plumbing leak without professionals such as Brownie’s septic and plumbing. If your plumbing issue is not fixed with these simple tips, it is best that you call in a professional who can properly assess the situation and get you the help you deserve.

Find the location of the leak

If you notice that there is wetness on your walls or that your paint seems to be puffy, you likely have a roof in the room above the room that has the wall damage. If you want to learno more abouti it check out our guide on How to spot hidden water damage in your home. Be sure to look around to make sure that you can tell where the leak is coming from. It could be coming from the roof or maybe there is a hole someplace that needs to be fixed. It could also be that a sink is overflowing or another source of water is allowing for the excess water to flood throughout the house. Try your best to pinpoint where the water is coming from so that you can assess the trouble.

Turn the water off

Whether you have found the problem or are still looking for the leak, it is best to turn off the water. This can deter any additional damage from happening and will give you the time you need to calmly find the leak. It would not do anyone any good if you were highly stressed and running around like a crazy person to try to find the leak. It is best to allow your heart rate to remain steady and slowly work on finding the problem.

Wipe dry

It is important to wipe the area off and dry it before you begin doing any work on the location. For example, if you are in need of replacing a pipe’s seal, be sure to dry the pipe off before doing so. This can ensure that you get a tight seal and that liquid does not get on the seal while installing it.


Take a putty knife or another gadget to spread epoxy all over the leaky pipe. This will cause the whole to close up and for water to be able to flow through the pipes without extra dripping or condensation.

Cover the leak

It is noted that covering the leak with rubber is the best and smartest substance to use to fix a plumbing leak. Rubber is inexpensive and can keep a pipe in good condition for a long time.

After you have tried these tips and your leak still persists, it is time to call in the professionals to come help you out. They will give you an estimate and you can choose to use their services or not. Be sure to ask about warranty information, staffing certifications, and proof of insurance before working with a contractor.

If your leak is coming from a plumbing joint then you should check out our tutorial on How to fix leaks in plumbing joints.

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