How To Feel Confident With Bringing A Plumber Into Your Home During Covid

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Currently in the United States across the country there lockdowns are occurring. With shelter-in-place orders happening in every region of the country, many people are spending more time at home than ever. Since people are spending more time at home, this means that there may be a more likely instance that your household will need a plumber. While it’s never an ideal situation for you to need a plumber into your home, it is especially isn’t ideal during coronavirus the coronavirus pandemic.

How To Feel Confident With Bringing A Plumber Into Your Home During Covid

If you need to call a plumber to have them work on your home during the coronavirus lockdowns, follow these couple of tips to make sure that you maintain your family’s and your own health.

Maintain Six Feet Of Distance

Although you’re inside your own home, the same rules for avoiding the coronavirus remain. Have the plumber that’s coming to your home try to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and them. If you have young children, pets, or a spouse in the home, request that they do the same. Pets should still maintain a distance from a plumber that will come to your home because the coronavirus germs can be can live on a pet’s fur for several days.

Ask The Plumber To Wear A Mask

Although not the most convenient protective step for the plumber who is entering your home, if you are someone who is at risk for the coronavirus or if you’re helping take care of people who are at risk, request that the plumber wears a mask. Most plumbers will be more than willing to do this to make you feel safe with them entering your home because they want to keep the job. If a plumber is working in the basement, but your main living quarters are upstairs then possibly request that the plumber only wears a mask when they’re upstairs. That way they won’t be hindered in the level of breathing they can manage to intake while working and their eyesight won’t be lessened while they’re working on your plumbing project. Also, be aware that the plumber may request for you to wear a mask in your home in case they are taking care of a family member.

How To Feel Confident With Bringing A Plumber Into Your Home During Covid - plumber

Clorox Wipe Everything Once the Plumber Leaves Your Home

If the plumber is working on a faucet or on a toilet that is used by most members of your household, be sure to wipe down anything the plumber touched  in the room that he or she was working in. Studies have found that the coronavirus can live on steel and other metal surfaces for up to two or three days. It could also be beneficial to spray Lysol into the air if you have it as coronavirus germs can live for half an hour within respiratory droplets.  Additionally, you may want to consider wiping down the front door handle or any other areas that the plumber came into contact with in your home. If you’re looking for a plumber within your area check out Schlueter Plumbing.

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