The Stylish and Space-Efficient Phenomenon of Wall-Hung Toilets

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Living smaller may equal using a small-sized bathroom. But that doesn’t mean that any small room in your sweet home has to make you feel awkward and uncomfy. As a matter of fact, there’s a multitude of hacks that can visually transform your tiny bathroom into the one that feels breathtakingly spacious. In this post, I’m going to elaborate on the modern and space-efficient concept of wall-hung thrones.

The Stylish and Space-Efficient Phenomenon of Wall-Hung Toilets

Keep reading to learn more about perks, setup specifics, and general characteristics of this wall-hung thrones.

Wall-Hung Toilets: Pros and Cons 

You’ve been familiar with the concept of flush toilets all your life. Therefore, it’s logical if you think that there isn’t much that can be enhanced about them. Not long ago, however, an improved variation of a typical flush commode has made its way into households across the United States. Yep, I’m talking about the wall-mounted toilet. Originally manufactured for European households, wall-attached toilets work just like their floor-standing brothers, but the tank lives behind the wall.

Wall-installed units boast the following perks:

  • a wall-attached toilet is a space saving toilet — they add up to twelve inches of floor space and are a perfect solution if you’re on the hunt for a throne to make your tiny bathroom feel spacious;
  • these thrones make cleaning the space beneath them a lot easier — all because they do not contact the floor;
  • wall-attached units are more sanitary; they use nearly 20% less water compared to their standard counterparts;
  • many wall-hung units feature high-tech gizmos, such as integrated dryers, automated lids, illuminated bowls, and the like;
  • a good pro can adjust exactly how high your wall unit should be attached to suit your specific needs: this is particularly good for homeowners with disabilities. 

Aesthetics-wise, a wall-attached toilet creates a trendy, stylish feel to any bathroom design. This aspect is among the most powerful when it comes to fueling the ever-growing popularity of wall-mounted units. Furthermore, ‘floating’ toilets are easier to maintain, clean, and repair whenever necessary. Overall, a wall-mounted toilet is both your and your bathroom designer’s dream. However, the stuff is a lot pricier than a regular toilet — but it’s only natural, isn’t it?

The Stylish and Space-Efficient Phenomenon of Wall-Hung Toilets - stylish toilet

Cutting to the Chase: Are These Thrones Worth It?

Wall-mounted toilets come with wonderful benefits. However, just like everything in this world, they’re not pure perfection. They’re expensive. They require professional installation. Some of them are challenging to repair. And they’re not economical. On the other hand, a wall-attached unit is space-efficient and sophisticated. It will look perfect in a stylish, yet not-so-spacious bathroom.

Furthermore, wall-attached toilets are a lot quieter compared to their floor-standing counterparts. Because the tank of the former is installed inside the wall, you will hardly ever even hear how it refills after each flush. At the end of the day, the final decision is always up to you. Now that you know all the pros and cons of these types of toilets, chances are you’re going to approach the issue wisely. Feel free to add your comments or questions to this post if you have any. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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