What Is Usually Done in Each Phase of Construction Planning?

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The construction industry is one of the most complicated sectors that require proper planning to achieve the desired goals. The building process comprises four phases that include planning, build-up, implementation, and closeout. Some of these phases can overlap but there are ways to make sure they are properly executed.

What Is Usually Done in Each Phase of Construction Planning

Read on to learn what should be done in each phase of construction planning. 

Planning Phase

In many industries, planning is primarily concerned with defining the goals of the project, and the same applies to the construction sector. Each project consists of unique variables that should help you define its goals. When setting goals and objectives, you should also determine the strategies that you can use to achieve them. 

Surveying the Landscape

In the pre-construction stage, you must survey the land to ensure that it is appropriate for the type of structure that you want to build. You can enlist the services of a professional land surveyor specializing in RPR so that you can achieve excellent results. The main advantage of hiring land surveying companies is that they provide fast and efficient solutions. They also help in providing design, advisory, legal, and compliance services to property owners. Without proper surveying of the landscape, constructing a building can be futile since it might not meet the standard expectations in a particular area. 

Defining Tasks

When all the groundwork is in place, you then move to another equally important aspect of construction planning. It is essential to define the tasks that you need to undertake in the project. This falls under the ambit of project management, and the manager has a pivotal role to assign work to the different members involved. To avoid the duplication of duties, the project manager should clearly explain each task to the assigned employee. On top of that, the leader should draw a timeline to indicate when each phase of the construction project is supposed to be completed. All construction documents should also be well-managed and organized. A construction document management system can help you store, organize, and access construction documents quickly and efficiently. Digitizing it allows professionals to access the documents anytime, anywhere. This paperless system also encourages collaboration and communication among stakeholders in construction projects. This will help ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the progress of the project, reducing miscommunication and errors.

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Monitoring And Progress Control 

The implementation phase is probably the most crucial since it involves the actual execution of the construction work. Project monitoring and control play a critical role here to help manage problems that can be predicted. There is no single approach for monitoring progress for different projects, so you should choose the appropriate one that suits your needs. You must respond quickly to changes that you may encounter in your operations and also use feedback. You must also use effective communication among the team members so that you can share the same vision. 


As you are aware, a construction project does not last forever since it has a specific end date. When the work comes to an end, you officially close the project and hand everything to the owners. The property will be ready for occupation. 

Construction planning involves different phases, and you should carefully undertake each task to ensure that you can achieve the project goals. A building project has a beginning and an end, so you should make sure that you implement every step well. More importantly, make necessary changes and always ensure that the construction work is ahead of schedule.    

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