How to Get the Perfect Home Golf Setup: 6 Simple Ways

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When you think about golf, what appears in your imagination? It might be the outside scene, greenfield, open space, walking with caddy, or talking to him. But you can play golf at home too, if you have a perfect home golf setup.

How to Get the Perfect Home Golf Setup

You can start with a simple setup like a chipping net, putting mat, or training aids. But if you want a complete home golf setup at an affordable price, you can practice with a beginner friendly cheap golf simulator. It includes a golf launch monitor, projector, projector screen, hitting mat, net, etc. Let’s know in detail.

Chipping Net

Chipping net is the most simple home golf setup. Put a chipping net at your home and start practicing your chip or put shots with your favorite club. You can practice your long shots too. No more accessories, no more complications. Practice whenever you want to improve your accuracy. A chipping net can be folded down easily into a bag and stored for subsequent practice. For effective short game shots, a chipping net is significant. If you are at the very beginning level of your game, we recommend having this home golf setup and practice avoiding the outside temperature. Making a golf hitting net is so simple that you can do it yourself by following some simple steps. You don’t need to spend a lot. You can have it between $50 to $500.

chipping net for home golf setup

Hitting Mat

Practicing on a carpet cannot give you the same realistic experience that a hitting mat gives. As practicing on grass is not always in favor, golfers use a hitting mat at their home to continue practicing. You can train yourself more and more by hitting on a mat. Training can ensure you straighter putting strokes. It’s essential in golf to be able to move your limbs at different speeds. And you cannot do it by just playing some courses. So to have an optimal solution, you can have this home golf setup without any difficulties. You can also set up a putting green that’s almost similar to a hitting mat. So using a hitting mat will increase your putting skill quicker. Consider $100 or more for a golf hitting mat.

hitting mat for home golf setup

Golf Launch Monitor

A golf launch monitor is a device that tracks data of your shots. You would probably love the idea of having feedback from a home golf setup that tells how well you are swinging or hitting. A golf launch monitor is such a tracking system. It measures ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rates, launch angle, etc. Place the device before the ball or to the side of the ball. You can use either an expensive launch monitor or a cheap one to practice. Both can improve your skill. It depends on your choice. Using a cheap launch monitor doesn’t mean you cannot have accurate data. Some are made cheap, yet they provide excellent features with accuracy. You can check Golf Insider UK’s review for the best golf launch monitor.

SkyTrak, Voice Caddie, Foresight Sports GC2, GCQuad are some examples of quality launch monitors. These are also easy to set up and transport. You don’t need enough space or extra cost to set up a launch monitor in your home. It requires $500-$2000 for each one. If you want the most accurate one, we recommend the SkyTrak golf launch monitor. It’s not very expensive, nor very cheap. But if you look for something more expensive or cheaper, go for another. Then, find one for your home golf set up according to your budget and requirements.

Golf Simulator

A golf simulator is a complete home golf setup. It’s not just a launch monitor, chipping net, or hitting mat; it’s a combination of all. And along with these, a complete home golf simulator includes a projector, projector screen, landing pad turf, putting green, software, computer or smartphone, and so on. The price of a golf simulator starts from $1000, and can go up to $70,000. You can set up a home golf simulator by collecting all the materials separately or just by purchasing a package that includes everything. Before setting up a simulator, check the minimum space requirement, such as the ceiling height, room width, and depth.

Then make sure you have enough space to place every piece of equipment properly. Remember, you should keep extra space for swinging with comfort. Consider some specific things before buying a golf simulator, such as features, graphics, price, multiplayer availability, online golf course play, etc. Selecting a golf simulator according to your handicap and skill level is far better than purchasing a random one. If you are a beginner, look for those golf simulators that can be easily set up. For example, OptiShot golf simulator, SkyTrak golf simulator, Trackman golf simulator, Flightscope mevo+, and Uneekor golf simulator.

Mobile Golf Simulator

Mobile golf simulators are a wonder! They made the home golf setup much easier. You can play with just your smartphone by installing a mobile app. This lets you enjoy the data feedback on your mobile screen. You can also connect it to your TV and enjoy the simulation on a larger screen. These golf simulators offer fantastic features like multiplayer modes, video playback, skill challenge feature, play online option, shot tracing graphics, etc. Besides, a mobile golf simulator requires minimal space. Sometimes you can play with just a stick. It’s so simple! For all these reasons, a mobile golf simulator can be an excellent home golf setup. Rapsodo mobile home golf simulator and Phigolf are ideal examples of this category. However, you need to consider $500-$1000 for a mobile golf simulator.

Training Aids

Do you know you can get the perfect home golf setup without using any golf equipment? Yes! You just need some training aids. And don’t forget to add to the list golf bags so you can store all your golf equipments. When you cannot hit, get in front of a reflective mirror of your home and see how you are swinging. You can even purchase a pack of two rods that look similar to the tour player’s ones. Use them for sticking in the ground and as a swing plane swing guide. Some swing trainers are also available on the market that can help amateur golfers improve their swing. But remember, you shouldn’t hit an absolute ball with it.

Conclusion on Home Golf Setup

If you know how to get a perfect home golf setup, you can keep your skills sharp throughout the year. Even a home golf setup within a limited budget lets you experience real golf. So don’t stop playing if the weather is unfavorable or if you need to prepare for the next competition. Get a home golf setup and enjoy golfing.

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