How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Table For You

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There are many bedside table designs to choose from. Some people like the traditional nightstands that have two drawers and enough surface area on top for a lamp, smartphone, and your favorite book. Others prefer creating their own bedside tables via a DIY project. Some even use furniture that other people would never think of using such as a bookshelf or even a side chair!

How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Table For You

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the perfect bedside table for you.

Traditional Bedside Tables

Traditional bedside tables are exactly what you would think. They usually have at least one draw and have enough surface area for a few small things. Traditional may sound stuffy, but nowadays, you can customize them to fit your personality and ascetic. When shopping for bedside tables, consider color, style, shape, and design.

Do-It-Yourself Bedside Tables

DIY projects seem to be in more than ever. There is so much you can do yourself thanks to social media. YouTube for instance, is filled with tutorials on how to build furniture, refurbish it, or flip it for profit. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are also great resources. They feature mini snippets of tutorials. These are great for inspiration and are usually linked to a complete how-to blog for full details. If you want a DIY bedside table, you have a couple options:

Make It From Scratch

The first option is building your own bedside table from the ground up. Use sites like Pinterest to help you find the right project. Then, head on over to your local lumber store for some wood and be sure to have the right tools on hand (hammer, saw, nails, etc.). The only downfall here is the recent rise of lumber costs – you may be better off buying your nightstand instead.

Buy It Used and Refurbish

Your second option is to purchase a cheap nightstand online (consider Facebook Marketplace or Offerup). You can score a sturdy table for as little as $20 in these places. When you have your table, pull up a YouTube tutorial on how to flip it. This will include sanding it down, repainting it, and replacing any knobs. You’d be surprised at the end result – you wouldn’t even think it’s the same night table!

How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Table For You - bedside table

Untraditional Bedside Tables

Some people use odd things for bedside tables. One such example could be a bookshelf. There are many types of bookshelves that could be used, whether it screws into the wall or is short enough to be used as both a bookshelf and a nightstand. The only problem with using a bookshelf as a nightstand is that it can create an area that’s easy to clutter. Studies have shown that clutter in the bedroom can have a negative impact on sleep. If you tend to leave areas cluttered, a bookshelf may not be for you since these pieces are typically larger than bedside tables and offer an open layout. Other untraditional bedside table examples include a side chair, upside down hamper, or for men, a toolbox! You’d be surprised what people use in place of a traditional bedside table. We must say, some of these are pretty creative and look good too.

Final Thoughts

Bookshelf bedside tables, traditional bedside tables, and do it yourself bedside tables can all be great ways to make your space feel cozy. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, it can be hard to find the right choice. But, no matter what you pick, there is sure to be something that fits your personality and aesthetic perfectly.

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