How to Have a Perfect Backyard BBQ Party

Throwing BBQ parties is one of the most exciting activities if you can pull it off right. It is a great way to bond with friends and family and bring people of all age groups together. However, having a BBQ party right in your backyard requires a certain infrastructure so that it can be a fulfilling, fun and safe event for everyone to enjoy. There are quite a few inventory and tools that you will require to have a perfect BBQ party at your place. You can use OutdoorMancave for individual buying guides about all the essentials that you need.

How to Have a Perfect Backyard BBQ Party

Here are some must-haves that you should ensure that you have before planning a backyard BBQ party.

Prep up Your Space

Since you are going to have an outdoor BBQ party, the first step is to prep up the space that you will be used as the venue. If your party is not a sudden plan and is planned well in advance, it would be a good idea to prepare your lawn or backyard beforehand. Trim your lawn and prune any vines, weeds or branches that need cutting. Make sure your backyard looks neat and well kept. It would be a good idea to fumigate your backyard for pests and insects if you fear your guests will be bothered by mosquitoes, flies or other insects. Create an ambiance by adding beautiful planters, and creative lights, lanterns, and lamps. Hanging strings of lights help accentuate the ambiance. And creative lights, lanterns, and lamps. Hanging strings of lights help accentuate the ambiance. If you are planning to organize parties often, consider buying party supplies in bulk. FDP is a good place to get them from

Get BBQ Supplies

It is important to make sure that you have all the important BBQ supplies, whether it is ingredients, tools, or equipment to prepare the food. If you already have the supplies, make sure you have them enough to have a decent food turnover. It can be a huge embarrassment to keep your guests waiting or if the food runs out while guests are still eating. Make sure you have the right grills, smoker, skewers, kick ash basket, pellets, charcoals, and other BBQ supplies.

Prep up Ingredients

BBQ meals are not regular flame cooked meals and they take quite a bit of time. You cannot expect your meal to be ready for guests if you start everything from scratch at the last moment. Make sure you have pre-decided your menu and prep up all the ingredients well beforehand. Mix spices, marinate meat, cut vegetables and refrigerate all that needs to be refrigerated so that all you need to do is to grill them at the final moment. But if in the unfortunate event where you realised you have run out of food to grill, be sure to check out this jollibee singapore menu for some quick and easy fast food to feed your guests.

How to Have a Perfect Backyard BBQ Party - drinks


BBQ parties, or any parties for that matter, are incomplete without beverages. Have a selection of weather-appropriate hot and/or cold beverages. If your party is not restricted to a certain age group and you are expecting kids and old people, make sure you have a selection of kid-friendly, zero calories, and sugar-free beverages.

Dessert and Sides

The real fun of having a scrumptious BBQ meal is with the right assortment of seasonings, sauces, salads and other sides followed by a satisfying dessert. If you think, prepping up all that would be a bit too much for you, you can request your guests to bring sides along so that you can have a bigger and somewhat diversified spread.

Safety Protocols

At the end of the day, you will be dealing with fire, charcoal, fuels, and other equipment and articles that can be potential safety hazards. Therefore, make sure you have all the necessary safety protocols in place. Keep a first aid kit handy along with a fire extinguisher to control fire in case of an incident.

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