Must-Have Rave Equipment for First-Time Ravers

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Are you a first-time raver? Raving is fun and gives you an experience worth a lifetime. The reason is that you will enjoy the music, the joy, dance, and the people you will meet. The venues will also give you a glimpse that won’t get erased from your mind for long. Other than staying safe, there are tools and equipment that you will need as you will be raving. Some of these are essential, while others make the moments lively.

Must-Have Rave Equipment for First-Time Ravers

Below are some of the items you will need during a rave.

Power Bank

During festivals, you need to have your phone at hand. The phone will help you in several ways, including going live with your online friends, taking pictures for social media sites accounts, and communicating with your family members to assure them that you are safe. No one ever thinks of having a dead phone during a festival. To avoid your battery going low or your phone going off, you need a backup power plan. A Power Bank comes in handy in such scenarios. A power bank, together with a connecting cable, is light to carry and comfortably fits in your backpack or jacket. If you plan to attend a festival that will take extended hours and night, consider having a Powerbank and a charging cable.

Bandana Masks

The coronavirus won’t stop us from having fun. Besides helping you keep off dust in the festivals, the Bandana masks will help keep the virus away and should be worn on top of the safety mask to bring that fantastic look. For events such as Electric Forest, there is always a lot of dust. It will help if you protect your lungs. It would be best if you stayed healthy, even after the festival. Bandana masks will help you in protecting yourself while enhancing your looks. Don’t leave the venue with an infection. Please get back to your family and friends to narrate the story while in a healthy state.

Electroluminescent Wire

Fun is not complete without having an electroluminescent-wire to enhance the theme and mood of the dance floor. If you are the person holding the rave or planning to have one with your friends, ensure EL wiring has been done at the venue to enhance its looks and create a theme. For individuals who are new to this terminology, electroluminescent wire, also known as EL wire, comes in handy since it produces a decorative light during celebrations. It’s more or less than string lighting. The 360-degree lighting will make your venue lively and will boost the moods of all rave attendants. Next time, you do not need to have a dull platform, so decorate your venue and get the party going.

Baby Wipes and Tissues

Portable toilets are the in-thing nowadays when it comes to parties and discos. They help us a lot when we want to relieve ourselves without leaving the party. You will find very few ceremonies with plumbing and standard toilets. If they are present, maybe they get suited for VIPs and other persons and are not for everyone. The portable toilets are never clean since they are used by everyone within the party and are cleaned after the event. They also don’t come with bathroom essentials such as water, wipes, and the tissues. You need to bring them with you. Baby wipes and tissues will help you a lot when you want to relieve yourself and can come in handy when you want to re-freshen up after the party, before heading home. Get the best quality and carry enough to help you until when the party ends.

Must-Have Rave Equipment for First-Time Ravers - rave party


You might be probably asking why sunglasses at night? Well, not all festivals happen at night. Family and teen festivals are always held during the day, and that’s where sunglasses come in handy. Most day celebrations take a maximum of six hours. Sunglasses will block your eyes from direct sunlight, dust, and other particles. Other than safety, they enhance your looks and make you look cooler. Sunglasses also hide your identity, especially if you are a shy person. With them, you can make any dance move with courage. If you are a shy person, you know what to do with glasses. Get one before heading into the party.


When you hear music playing for the first time, the experience is always fantastic. It makes you get into moves without persuasion. What happens when you are tired of dancing, and you feel like your ears are buzzing? That’s when you need earplugs. Hearing loud and banging noise for a long time causes ear damage, according to health experts. Any prolonged noise above 115 decibels damages your eardrum. Earplug helps protect your ears as you continue enjoying the party and hearing the music. It does not stop you from getting the sound, but avoids excess, unnecessary sound, especially when you are tired. Get the best earplugs today before joining the party. They are essential.

Hydration Backpack

Although drinks and water get served at the party, they aren’t for free. Sometimes the cost gets higher, making them unaffordable. You can sort yourself by getting a hydration pack, enabling you to carry your drinks and other items to the party. Hyperthermia and dehydration can be devastating, especially to a tired body. While you may not reach the counter to have your drink, a backpack sorts, you will get all your favorite beverages, just as you packed them. Your drinks will get sorted, including other items such as power banks, charges, tissues, wipes, and the rest.

Hand Sanitizer

Like the bandana masks, hand sanitizers are very important to parties nowadays, due to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic and other infections. Hand sanitizers will help you sterilize your hands, bathroom doors, floors, and other areas. Ensure you follow different rules such as avoiding hugs, avoiding getting into contact with significant surfaces, and keeping distance while partying. With such, you will be able to leave the party safe, without complications. Ensure you maintain all the health guidelines while at the party. There are so many things you can carry while going for a rave. The above list is just a few of the items. You can also include towels, first aid kit, and other essential items, depending on your likes and preferences. We hope this list has benefitted you as we head to a festival season.

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