How Many Pendant Lights do I Need Over 7 Foot Island?

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Changing the lighting over the kitchen island can significantly impact the room’s beauty. Pendant sizes and the height of your kitchen island determine how many fixtures you can fit above the surface. You can use various numbers of pendant lights to create different looks.

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In most cases, two pendants over a 7-foot kitchen island work best, while for a long kitchen island side, it is best to stick with just two larger pendants rather than to go for a third one. Read on for further information on properly lighting a 7-foot-long kitchen island.

Types of Pendant Lights for Over a Kitchen Island

You can get pendant lights in a wide range of designs. The pendant shapes often serve as inspiration for the style’s names. The shades of the pendant lights can be made from various materials, including fabric, glass, and metal, among others. Examples are:

  • Crystal Pendant
  • Cylinder Pendant
  • Bowl Pendant
  • Dome Pendant
  • Square Pendant
  • Tear Drop Pendant
  • Globe Pendant

How Do I Space Pendant Lights over a Kitchen Island?

It’s important to follow some simple guidelines when deciding how far apart to put your pendant lights. The space between the lights is determined by the number you have. You can make some simple calculations by dividing the desired number of lights by the length of the island plus two. That way, you can roughly calculate their distance apart.

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How to Make Sure All Pendants Hang at the Same Height or Length?

If you have more than one pendant light over your kitchen island, ensure they are the same height. You can easily calculate this by measuring the distance from the floor to the lower part of one light and hanging, then hanging the other pendants at this height. Adjustable pendant light cords are an added advantage because you can hang your pendant lights to the height of your choice.

Height to Hang Pendant Lights Over a Kitchen Island

It’s important to hang your pendant light at the correct height to get the most out of the space it’s in. Pendant lights should be hung so that their bottoms are 30″-36″ above the surface area of your kitchen island. Also, check that the pendant lights aren’t in the way of your vision to ensure you can see over the top. You don’t want to be squinting and ducking under lights just to converse normally with someone across the island. Hang your pendant so that its bottom is slightly above your eye level. You can adjust these measurements depending on the height of people living in the home. If, for example, you think the lights are too high, bringing them down to eye level is more appropriate.

Take Away

You should shop from a reputable company to get the best and most stylish modern pendant lighting for your kitchen. Pendant lights are readily available at many different retailers, so you won’t have to spend too much time looking. Lighting your home has never been easier than with our wide selection at Lassola. All of our products are modern in both appearance and functionality.

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