Top 6 Tips To Paint Your Cabinets Like A Pro

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Upgrading your home without spending a lot of money can easily be achieved by painting your cabinets. Even that small change can create a significant difference in making your home look brand new. More so, painting cabinets is a task that’s easy to DIY, too. If you take it one weekend at a time, you’ll eventually see and enjoy the progress you’re making with your cabinets. As easy as it may sound, however, painting your kitchen cabinets isn’t something for you to rush. Rather, it pays to know the insider tips first from the experts like Elite Painting so you can get the paint job done well. You may be a newbie or amateur painter, but this doesn’t mean it should show in the cabinets you’re painting.

Top 6 Tips To Paint Your Cabinets Like A Pro

Read through these tips to get your painting job done right, like as if they were done by the pros.

1. Protect Surfaces With Paper

Rosin paper, manila paper, newspaper, whatever it is you have readily available, use these to protect your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This tip applies when you’re painting your kitchen and your bathroom as you wouldn’t want to stain your sink and other surfaces. It’s an extra step of precaution to do, but it’s worth it when your surfaces are well protected. Painting like a pro means you shouldn’t cause any mess than necessary.

2. Primers Are Prime

Primers exist for a reason. It’s not for you to skip that coat of primer. It may not seem like it makes a lot of difference. But in reality, when you compare cabinets painted with a coat of primer first and one that’s been directly painted with a primer and paint combination, the former will always reign supreme, aesthetically. Especially if you’re painting your cabinets from a dark to a lighter color, that coat of primer helps you get to your desired color perfectly.

3. Choose The Right Paint

Of course, you can’t expect quality results if you also didn’t take the time to choose the paint options as thoroughly as possible. This means selecting the color that best suits the design feel of your home and choosing top-quality paint as well. When you choose quality paint, the results will also be top-notch. Most importantly, you have that higher guarantee of the paint lasting long for years to come. Chipping and peeling paint are unsightly to look at. It becomes too costly and cumbersome when you have to keep repainting your cabinets as the quality wasn’t good at all.

4. Remove Drawers, Cabinet Doors, And Hardware

The preparation process is just as important as the painting process itself. So, before getting your hands dirty with some paint, you have to remove all the drawers, cabinet doors, and hardware first. Surely, you’ve seen painting projects where the hinges are all covered in paint all because they weren’t removed. If you plan on changing your hardware to new ones that’ll match your new paint, then it’s a lot easier on your part if you remove all those first. Do this step with all the drawers and cabinet doors as well. That way, it’ll be a lot easier for you to come up with a neat paint job.

Top 6 Tips To Paint Your Cabinets Like A Pro - painting

5. Always Clean Each Surface First

Before you start painting, be sure to clean each surface you intend on painting first. This means wiping it with a damp cloth to remove any dust that may have settled. After wiping, you can then proceed with sanding the surface. It’s only after you’ve thoroughly cleaned all those surfaces that you can now proceed with the painting per se.

6. Use Disposable Paint Trays

Using disposable paint trays are cheap and easy for beginners like you. Especially when you’re going to paint multiple cabinets in different shades, having a lot of paint trays for cheap is to your advantage. You won’t have to be bothered by the extra washing and clean up you’ll have to do, so as not to mix all the paint colors. This may not be the most environmentally-friendly option, but you need this advantage if you’re a beginner. And, if you’re busy, you’ll appreciate the easy clean up as well.


If you have dreary cabinets around your home which can surely use a makeover, it’s about time for you to give it that new life it needs. You don’t have to change all those cabinets, especially when they’re still in good condition anyway. Perhaps you only need to repaint it as a form of upgrade to make your cabinets look modern and new. If that’s a project you want to tackle quite soon, remember the tips you’ve learned in this article. That way, no one would even suspect your cabinets have been repainted by you – and not the experts. If you want it to take it one step further you can try to make the cabinets yourself.

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