Damage Prevention: 7 Packing and Loading Tips for Long-Distance Moving

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Moving across the country, or even just across one state line, can be incredibly exciting. It can also be stressful, though, because the greater the distance a family moves, the higher the risk of damage to their belongings gets. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce that risk.

7 Packing and Loading Tips for Long-Distance Moving

Before breaking out the boxes, read on to find seven packing and loading tips for long-distance moving that will take some of the stress out of the whole experience.

Stock Up on Supplies

Families planning a move should have all the boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and labels they’ll need on hand before they so much as pack a single box. Some moving services provide customers with the necessary supplies, while others leave finding the right boxes, tape, and packing solutions to customers and only provide help with the move itself. Running out of supplies can throw a wrench in the works and cause a ton of wasted time, so find out what the moving company provides and stock up on anything else that could be required in advance.

Break Down Bulky Items

If possible, try to break down bulky items like bookshelves, bed frames, and other furniture before moving it. Modular furniture takes up far less space when it’s broken down, and it’s less likely to get scratched during the move. Just make sure to keep all the nuts and bolts for each piece of furniture separate and label everything clearly to make it easier to put those bulky items back together in the new house.

Don’t Rush

Rushing through the moving process can put fragile items at risk, so families should always take their time. It never pays off to procrastinate, and rushing through everything will make it harder to unpack items in the new house even if, by some miracle, none of them get broken in the chaos.

Wrap Everything

Most people know that they need to wrap obviously fragile items like glasses, mugs, and cups to keep them safe during a move. However, it’s also wise to wrap furniture, televisions, and other large items and to stuff boxes so things won’t move around.

7 Packing and Loading Tips for Long-Distance Moving - movers

Keep Boxes Light

According to the experts, heavy boxes are harder to transport and more likely to cause damage, so try to break up heavy items across multiple boxes. Just think about how much a box of heavy books weighs and how hard it is to carry, then imagine that box crashing down on another box of plates and glasses during the move. It’s not worth the risk or the hassle just to pack like with like.

Use Totes and Bins

Heavy-duty plastic bins and totes are sturdier than cardboard boxes and easier to stack. They can also be opened and reopened as needed, and many of them are clear. If the family has it in the budget, it makes much more sense to use totes during a move than disposable boxes.

Put Those Tetris Skills to Work

The safest way to pack a moving truck is to take up every bit of space to reduce shifting. Stack the boxes with the heaviest ones on the bottom, then use soft items like clothes, linens, and pillows to fill in the gaps.

Start Planning Now

Arguably the most important part of getting a move right is the planning phase. Get everything started early to avoid unnecessary stress on moving day.

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