How to Move Heavy Furniture

At least once, everybody faces the necessity to move to another home or office. Hence, it would be very useful to know the safest, most convenient, and non-labor-consuming way to move large furniture like a wardrobe or bedstead.

How to Move Heavy Furniture

Make a Plan

Before you start looking for an affordable moving company, it is recommended to complete a plan of what, when, and where must be moved. This list will help to verify the packing and loading priorities and determine the volume of required work in general. Considering these questions is essential to make the moving process easy, more organized, and less stressful. The plan will help you make everything quickly, not forget about some items, and correctly identify the size of the moving truck.

Gather Supplies

Now, when you know everything about your moving furniture, it is important to buy or rent packing supplies for your things. There is a big choice of protective equipment, from furniture sliders and moving blankets (prevent cracks or starches on things) to special moving straps and dollies, which are needed to protect doorways with stairs and keep your spine healthy.

Disassemble Furniture

This step is necessary because, first, some large furniture may not suit for an aperture of a door and grind to a halt, and second – a piece of furniture has a smaller weight than an assembled item, and it can be easily carried over. When you remove your stuff, don’t forget to write down where you put each part. Also, make an instruction for yourself on how to assemble things over again.

How to Move Heavy Furniture - movers

Follow Moving Techniques

As you can dawn upon, there is no chance to move large furniture without lifting, even if you use helpful packing supplies. There are some recommendations to avoid injuries and minimize stress for your body:

  •  Try to keep things closer to your body
  •  Take weight on legs from your back
  •  Try to avoid fast and abrupt movements

These short hints may save your health.

Hire Professional Movers

According to the experts, if you don’t want to be preoccupied with the moving process, the easiest way to solve the task is hiring professional workers from any moving company in your city. In this case, you will need to just make a plan! A move from one dwelling to another is a crucial moment. Fortunately, now, you know the most essential tips about moving large furniture.

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