Owning Koi Is A Wonderful Hobby: Here’s Some Advice On Keeping Them

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Koi fishes are one of the most popular choices for pets all over the world. The beautiful koi fish originates from China but was then bred for colors in Japan. They come in many sizes, patterns, colors, and scales. They are one of the most beautiful pond fish available and therefore have become a popular choice all over the world.

Owning Koi Is A Wonderful Hobby

Due to their delicate nature, it is important to maintain their living environment properly. You must know all the basic necessities and requirements of the Koi fish. Below mentioned some general tips that will help your Koi fish thrive in the pond you provide for them.

Size Of The Pond

As the Koi fish come in different sizes, some of them can be really big. Therefore, when finding a koi fish for sale, check with the breeders to know what size they will grow up to. Accordingly, you can get a pond for them. Their habitat is one of the more important factors that will decide how big they can get. They have a long life cycle so ensure that they have a proper-sized pond. The depth of the pond must be at least 3 feet deep. This will help the fish to find cool water in summer and warm spots in the winter.

Maintain Water Quality

While the Koi fish has the ability to survive in different water temperature levels, they do not take a sudden change in temperatures. Keeping good quality water in the pond is particularly important for the fish. It will allow the fish to be healthier and reach its full potential. They must have a constant flow of oxygen at all times so any film that forms on the surface can be dangerous. Especially during the summertime, the fish eats more food and the need for oxygen is higher. You can add decorative items to the pond like a waterfall or fountain to make it look more aesthetic.

Owning Koi Is A Wonderful Hobby - fish

Feeding The Fish

Did you know that the brilliant color of your Koi is actually the impact of what you feed it? Not only their pigment but their health too is dependent on their food intake. The important things to keep in mind when feeding them are the type of food you give and the amount. You should provide them with a wide variety of food like pellets, bloodworms, and even shrimps at times. However, there is one thing you must know about them and that is that no matter how much food you give them, they will always hungrily eat them all up. Therefore, it is easy to overfeed them as you may be thinking that they really are hungry. Overfeeding them would pollute the water and make the fish overweight. Check with the breeder on how much food your Koi needs.

Though this type of fish doesn’t need much attention or maintenance, you should still make it a point to check on them regularly. They are prone to jumping out of the pond but unable to get back in. If left unattended, they will surely die. By following the above-mentioned tips, your Koi will be happy and healthy. Who knows, it might even bring you the stroke of luck it is famously known for.

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