Outdoor Portable Spa: What Is It And How To Build One

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Spas are facilities often associated with indoor set-ups and luxury spaces like hotels. However, it’s not always the case. Innovators are finding smart ways of incorporating these amenities. You can find a spa outdoors and not necessarily in hotels; having it in your home is also possible.

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One of the innovations is referred to as a portable outdoor spa.

What Is An Outdoor Portable Spa

A portable outdoor spa is a tub or bath filled with hot, aerated water. Its outdoor and portable description means it’s for outdoor spaces, be it your deck, backyard, or front yard. Also, you can change its location as you please.

How To Build An Outdoor Portable Spa

How do you build an outdoor portable spa? Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Acquire The Necessary Resources

It’s important to gather the tools needed before starting the project to prevent stopping the project midway to buy them. The main resource you need to acquire beforehand is the spa. The spa will come with a water heater and a pump, which are some of the other resources you require. As you shop for a spa, it’s important to factor in quality. You want to buy a spa that’ll be functional for many years. One way of ensuring this is by considering the brand from which you’ll buy your portable outdoor spa.

Find a reputable brand to source your spa. You’ll find brands saying, ‘discover our premium collection of luxury spas’ as they market their products. These are some of the brands to check out. It shows the brand is quite confident in its products, increasing the possibility of purchasing quality spas. Besides quality, you’d want to consider costs; affordability is key. You don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire a portable outdoor spa. It’d help to compare several vendors. Doing so will help you find the one whose price is affordable, depending on your budget. Lastly, consider aesthetics during your purchase. These spas come in various shapes, colors, and materials. The choice should be based on your preference.

  • Find An Ideal Location

The location of your outdoor spa is important to make sure that you’re comfortable while using it. When choosing an ideal location, you want to consider the space available in your compound. A yard or a lawn is an ideal location where space isn’t much of an issue. Yet should space be a constraint, consider setting up your portable outdoor spa on your deck. Privacy is another factor to consider when finding an ideal location. Should your front yard be quite exposed to the neighbors or passers-by, consider setting up the spa in the backyard. Alternatively, you can plant tall plants or trees near the facility for some privacy.

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Your portable outdoor spa requires an electricity connection to function. Make sure that your chosen location is near a power source. However, it shouldn’t be too close to prevent water from your spa from splashing onto the socket. It might lead to electrocution and others. Lastly, you want to consider moisture’s impact on your spa’s surroundings. It’s best to ensure that in no way shall your spa negatively affect its surroundings, especially regarding flooring and the walls. Suppose the walls and floors are made of wood. You should stain and coat them with appropriate materials to make them waterproof and extend their longevity.

  • Create A Level Ground

A level ground refers to a flat surface on which you’ll place your portable outdoor spa. A flat surface is essential to ensure your spa doesn’t topple over when it fills with water. It can cause accidents while also increasing the chances of damaging your spa. If your ideal location isn’t flat, which is likely the case if you choose your lawn or yard to host the spa, there are various ways to level it. Consider laying gravel on the area; this will act as its base. The gravel ensures stability and prevents situations where your spa sinks into the ground over time due to its weight. Alternatively, make a pallet deck on which your spa will rest. This deck should have stands for the utmost stability. A flat board will do wonders too. All you have to do is ensure it’s strong enough to hold the weight of your spa when filled with water.

  • Place Your Spa

Once your surface is ready, it’s time to set your spa in its position. It’s important to request assistance for this process. Most outdoor portable spas are heavy. Independently lifting one could injure you or even damage your spa. A call to your friends or neighbors will come in handy. Ensure you place the spa at the center of your platform. It’ll ensure equal distribution and transfer of loads from the spa to the ground.

  • Test Out The System

With everything in place, it’s important to test that the spa works as it should. The aspects to test are the water heater and pump. Connect your portable outdoor spa to the electric socket and turn on the water heater. Follow through by filling the tub with water and taking note of the minimum and maximum water levels. Here, you want to see how long the water will take to heat and the pressure from the spa’s pumps. It’d help to leave the testing to experts. They know the ideal heating rate and temperature of an efficiently working outdoor spa. Once these experts approve everything, it’s time to enjoy your portable outdoor spa.


A portable outdoor spa is a great addition to your home or premise. Yet you’ll only enjoy these benefits if you set it up correctly. The discussion above guides on building and setting up a portable outdoor spa. Consider implementing this guide in your project for success and an easy time.

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