How Outdoor Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value 

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Many homeowners are said to believe that their house’s market resale value would increase over time. However, many factors may affect the perceived markup in the price of a property in a highly competitive real estate market.

How Outdoor Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value 

It’s also said that one of the most effective ways to make sure that your home would gain a competitive edge amongst the rest is by doing home improvements on it.  

Ways Outdoor Lighting Increases Your Property’s Price

There are many projects that one can do ranging from upgrading current fixtures to beautifying the property’s surrounding landscape. Adding new features such as an outdoor lighting system can be considered too. Yet, will your home’s resale value increase if you install an outdoor lighting system? The answer may vary for different cases but it’s believed that most experts agree with that notion. However, don’t add lighting solely to increase a home’s value unless a trusted realtor suggests it. Home value is often said to be driven by many variables: site, lot size, state and quality condition, choice of construction style and materials, and so on. There are some general guidelines and rules to consider and follow. Read on to find out how outdoor lighting can increase the value of the home and other added perks. 

  • Enhanced Beauty 

Professional lighting companies like and others like them can help enhance your home’s beauty through outdoor lighting. Lighting professionals will utilize accent lighting to improve a home’s most impressive features while using standard lighting to bring out its overall beauty. Your home will look its best by adding exterior lighting to your home. The beauty of your landscape can be enhanced by adding light. This is especially true for outdoor spaces. The aesthetic value of your house can be perfectly presented by showcasing the lawn, the walkway, and other features. By doing this, you will increase your home’s market value. Subtle lighting done right can also make a given space appear bigger than its actual size.  

  • Additional Ready-To-Use Space

Not only does outdoor lighting increase the safety and security of a home, but it also creates the ideal spot for spending quality time with guests and family. It’s more likely that you will invite friends over if there’s adequate outdoor lighting. Your house will have a lot more value if you have these outdoor lights. These lights will serve to make everyone go outside while they’re having the time of their lives outdoors. 

  • Promotes Safety And Security 

Functional outdoor lighting can help make a home more secure and protected from wrongdoers. Offenders are said to be less likely to vandalize or break into homes that have an adequate outdoor lighting system in place. Onlookers would be able to easily identify their suspicious deeds and can help you call on the authorities for help. You can check out videos online like

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and see how your home’s outdoor lighting can help your home look pretty while helping it become more secured.

A safe and secure home increases its value, making it a desirable place to live in. People want to feel confident and safe in their homes, and they are willing to pay extra for that feeling of security. Having an outside luminary is believed to be effective in wooing potential homebuyers. Not only that, but lighting also reduces the risks and hazards of accidents occurring in your home. A well-illuminated pathway prevents falls, and it gives the owner a sense of control over events occurring within their premises. This is one of the primary rationales lighting specialists and real estate authorities recommend landscape lighting. 

  • Adds Coziness And Warmth 

You want your house to feel like home, whether you’re planning to sell it later or stay in it for years to come. Homebuyers are also said to be on the hunt for that feeling in the properties they consider purchasing. Like you, it’s said that they too want a place that makes them feel welcomed and accepted. Strategically placing different additions such as a fire pit and proper lighting can make your surrounding outdoor area genuinely comfortable. A perfectly placed lighting system can help foster that homey feeling that makes a property unique and can help it set itself apart from others. 

  • Complements Exterior Facilities 

It’s believed that a perfectly planned and installed lighting system can work in harmony with the exterior features already present in the house. Adding outdoor lighting to your landscape can throw a magical glow over your property, illuminating architectural features and lighting up gardens. A pool, an arbor, or a veranda will be even more beautiful with proper lighting. By carefully combining uplighting and downlighting, you can see your landscape features well into the night, with the benefit of long-lasting enjoyment. During the evening, different water features can have an added magical touch to them whenever light from a professional lighting system hits them. Fountains catch the light while pond surfaces glimmer with the light reflected off the swimming fish. 

If you have an outdoor kitchen, lighting isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s a must-have feature. Today’s ornate exterior kitchens must be lit with both aesthetics and function in mind. You can utilize and highlight your pergola’s features well into the evening with the help of professional lighting fixtures.  These wooden structures provide an ideal platform for diverse lighting selections to jazz up the surrounding areas during outdoor evening gatherings. Along with valuable tips for maintaining your patio, you definitely can make your lawn’s pergola the newest go-to outdoor spot for social gatherings. 

How Outdoor Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value - plants

Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Consider 

There are different lighting designs one can use to improve a home’s value. To get the most value on an outdoor home lighting system, one must work closely with lighting professionals. They have the skills and experience to determine the perfect landscape lighting methods fit for your home. With their expertise, they can craft the perfect fit that would bring out the best features of your home that helps in boosting its market price. 

You can increase the value of your home with the following landscape lighting ideas: 

  • Exterior Landscape Lighting 

By lighting up the landscape, you will be highlighting the improvements you’ve made over the years. It’s one of the things guests will see when they arrive at your house during nighttime. Perfectly curated lighting can lead to an outstanding first impression. Landscape lighting can also help enhance the security at some entrances and pathways to the home if they’re placed strategically.  Landscape lighting comes in different forms, sizes, and costs. Choose one based on the analysis of your house’s needs conducted by an expert to determine the perfect fit for your home. Factors such as installation costs will vary depending on how much landscaping you need to illuminate and how big your exterior is. There are different form types of landscape lighting options available but talk to some lighting experts to suggest other better alternatives.

  • Backyard Lighting 

Many homeowners can have the tendency to overlook backyard lighting, which increases your home’s value. Nowadays, most property shoppers are said to contemplate the backyard when selecting a home. An illuminated yard is believed to be more valuable than one with no more than few lighting fixtures in the spacious area. If you want to increase your property’s outdoor lighting home value, light up your yard landscape with lanterns or string lights. Illuminated planters can be placed around the flowers to highlight their beauty. 

  • Entrance Lighting 

Your home will benefit from entrance lighting because, like landscape lighting, your entrance is also the first stop for visitors as they enter your home. By combining entrance lighting with landscape lighting, your exterior can become a showplace. You can find many styles and options to choose from. For as little as a minimal investment of USD$200, you can transform your entryway. The exterior of your home, once illuminated, will appear stunning. If your home is for sale, you can even post pictures taken in the evening to emphasize the lighting features.

  • Pool Lighting 

It’s believed that a property with a pool already has a higher perceived market value. But you can still drive the asking price higher if you have a well-lit pool. For safety reasons, use light-emitting diodes or LED lights on the paths and around the pool area. In addition to making the perimeter safer, proper lighting improves the pool’s appearance and can increase the probability of potential buyers noticing the classic touch you’ve put into it. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to ensure that the wiring is waterproof and installed by a professional.  

  • Accent Lighting 

Adding a beautiful landscape to a home can increase its value, but it won’t be worth much without outdoor lighting. It’s said that a house with a well-lit landscape attracts more buyers than one without it. You can strategically place lighting around your home’s landscape. You can do this in the bushes, grasses, shrubs, and other accents in your outdoor areas. Consult the lighting professionals you’ve hired so they can recommend the best lighting fixture ideas that can help accent your space more.  

  • Front Yard Lighting 

It’s crucial never to overlook the front yard in designing a home. That’s where potential home buyers will look first before they open the door to find out what the interior looks like. Impress and convince a potential buyer to step into your house by adding in different features. In addition to planting flowering plants and lighting your yard, you can add uplighting to your door to make your curb appeal more noticeable. Install lighting fixtures to illuminate your home’s exterior. 


It’s difficult to say precisely how much the value of your home will rise. However, a trend that’s believed to increase your property’s perceived market value is adding lighting fixtures outdoors. Investing in a great lighting system for your home will be relatively inexpensive compared to how much you’ll have in return on investment you can gain. In case you’re convinced that you should add outdoor lighting to your property, find an expert who is certified to carry out the work. 

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