How to Choose the Perfect Landscape

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If you have cruised through Pinterest and looked in magazines, you may have seen a beautiful landscape and you have felt slightly jealous. From high-end designs to quick little changes, it can seem like the perfect landscape is just a few changes away. With that said, it’s hard to know where to start. That is why the experts at PGF Landscaping are here to explain to you how to choose the perfect landscape. You will be so happy to read these quick and simple tips.
How to Choose the Perfect Landscape

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One of the first steps if you want to create an entire backyard paradise is hiring a designer. They can make your vision come to life. They will incorporate your lifestyle, the rest of your home, your family, and your personality all in one. Those friends that are posting pictures on social media of their all inclusive will suddenly be jealous of your backyard oasis. There is a lot of thought that goes into the process for the designer. They are not finding something they love, they are finding something you love. Because of this, there are a couple things you can do first.

If you are unsure of your style, start browsing magazines. When one catches your eye, it doesn’t even need a reason for catching your eye, but tear it out and put it in a pile. If you know the reason such as you love the colors or you love the designs incorporated there, then write it down in the corner. This will allow the designer to see what your style is and start to have an overall vision for the landscape. Settling on a few different landscapes will also help them choose certain ideas from each of them and utilize it in the overall design.

If you have already chosen your landscape designer, it’s a great idea to go through their portfolio with them. You will not be hurting your feelings, a specific style may just not be what you are looking for. Go through it with them and share styles you love with them. If you can explain why you love it that’s a great start. You can also share which designs you don’t like and why you would prefer not to use that style in your landscape.

If you have not chosen your landscape designer, this may be the time to do so. Once you have narrowed it down you can ask to see their portfolio. You can ask for references too. This will allow you to ask previous people this designer has worked with how they enjoyed working with them. One of the most important parts is that the designer can bring your thoughts to life. Some designers can hear what you are saying and think something else may look better without running it by you. Maybe a designer went way over their budget and they are very budget conscious. These are both reasons why it’s so important to choose a designer that will be great for you and your landscape and one of the best ways to find that person is to speak with their references. Below are specific items to keep into mind when choosing the design of your perfect landscape.

Attention to detail

Details are so important. Many people look at the big picture of their landscape, but the designs are critical too. Some little details may really make you fully fall in love with your new design. When friends are over, the small details are what will really make they say wow when they see the design. It will also what will overall make your landscape what it is. For this reason, make sure you pay attention to detail.

How to choose the perfect landscape - beautiful backyard

Have a goal of your backyard

It’s important to set a goal before you start designing. Some goals could be for you to feel more relaxed when you go outside. For it to be a place your entire family can enjoy. For you to be able to work and have clients outside. The options are endless. Find out exactly what you are looking for and want to get out of your backyard landscape.

Incorporate plants

The next recommendation we have is to incorporate plants. The only reason we recommend staying away from plants is if you don’t think you will be around to water them or keep them alive. Plants give a landscape a beautiful look that is natural and can even add a nice smell to the backyard. Choose flowers and plants that are seasonal and minimal upkeep. Speak with your designer about possible options depending where you live.

Keep size into consideration

When you are looking on Pinterest or in the magazine, you may be thinking a design looks amazing, but your backyard is half the size of that. Always keep size into consideration. If your backyard is not very large and you wish it was bigger, make sure you communicate that with the designer. There are so many ways to make a landscape feel larger than it actually is. By keeping communication open and honest with your designer, they can better assist you reach your utilite look.

Now that you know some tips on choosing the perfect landscape, are you ready to start? It can be a scary process and even overwhelming when you first start. Make sure you communicate your thoughts with your designer and help them understand your overall vision as best you can. Once you are finished, you will be so glad you made the choice to design your landscape and put in the time and effort in looking at what design options beforehand. For more information on choosing the perfect landscape and getting started, contact us today.

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