As a business owner, your main focus is on delivering excellent products and services inside your store. However, the reality is, a customer’s experience begins outside of your store. Here’s why. How you arrange your parking spaces may not seem important to you on the surface. But it has a direct impact on whether people will visit your shop or go to your competitor instead.

Building the Perfect Parking Lot 3 Parking Lot Layout Design Ideas

Because the parking lot layout design is so important, it’s critical that you understand how to build the perfect parking lot. Here are three layout design ideas to consider for your business this year. Let’s get started!

Angled Parking Lot Layout Design

A popular parking lot layout involves using angled spaces, where your parking spots tilt at 45 degrees or 60 degrees. With the 60-degree option, a customer would need to make a 60-degree turn to enter the spot. This is a relatively good option when compared with 45-degree layout spaces. That’s because a customer can get into a 60-degree layout spot as easily as they could a 45-degree layout spot, but it takes up less space.

A major advantage of angled parking lot spaces, in general, is that customers don’t have to make sharp turns to enter your spaces. As a result, cars can more easily maneuver out and in your parking spaces. They also require traffic to move in one direction, which can decrease the chances of accidents happening on your property. Of course, the one-way traffic flow could also be frustrating for some customers. Another element to consider with this design layout is the use of parking stops, which are used to guide cars into parking stalls and to regulate the spacing between the cars

Straight Design

With this layout design, you can have a company like Salgado Painting paint lines that require drivers to turn their cars 90 degrees to enter the parking spaces. The benefit of this design is that drivers can approach spots from multiple directions. In addition, drivers don’t have to worry about their vehicles becoming blocked in by adjacent cars that parked too close. Still, this parking lot design takes up a greater amount of square footage compared with the angled design.

Building the Perfect Parking Lot - parking lot

Parallel Parking Design

With the parallel design, you would arrange your spaces in a line alongside your storefront. One car’s front bumper would face an adjacent car’s back bumper. The parallel parking design is a common option for streetside parking. You could also use it in parking structures or parking lots, but you would usually use it only as a supplement to the angled or straight parking design.

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