How to organize your kitchen

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It’s a common thought to many people, that you need a large space to have a functional kitchen. If you’ve been looking for tips on how to work with what you’ve got, then you’re at the right place. An organized kitchen helps you cook efficiently. It also minimizes food wastage and allows you to get done with your chores much faster. Organizing any part of the house creates an environment where you are in harmony with the room. A disorganized kitchen, on the other hand, will not only look messy, it can be frustrating to anyone who wishes to use it.
How to organize your kitchen

Below are 5 tips to organizing your kitchen.

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Again

This cannot be insisted enough. It’s actually the first step to organizing any workspace, the kitchen being especially unique. And needless to mention, items can easily be out of place in the kitchen. For instance, those unneeded knife sets, some kitchen equipment you were duped into buying from those commercials, and past wedding items can make your cooking room look messy. It’s important to evaluate what you frequently need and what you have no use for. You may also need to get rid of those bulk spices that you only tried once in a very long time. Declutter your kitchen countertops as well as the pantry, the fridge, and the freezer.

What Goes Where?

The only way you’ll have your kitchen space organized is when every single item, be it silverware, glass, or food items, is kept in their right respective places after every use. First, take inventory of what you have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer before going grocery shopping. This saves time, effort, and minimizes wastage. Once you are done using a certain ingredient, or item, always remember to return it to its respective position.

Maximize the Pantry Space

It is general knowledge that the things you use more frequently should be easily accessible on sight. Take measure to keep the most frequently used items for easy reach, especially in the pantry and in the cupboards. Some clear storage containers, the stacking shelves, and the lazy Susans can be helpful. One way to organize your pantry is by categorizing them into respective meals. For instance, kinds of pasta can go next to the tomato sauces. You may also want to have a separate section where you keep things such as cereals.

How to organize your kitchen - organized pantry

Be Creative

This is especially helpful if you have a small kitchen and you’re short on space. This is where you combine kitchen essentials. For instance, you can use large bowls to put your whisks and spatulas in one place.

Rid Your Kitchen of Wasted Dead Space

Dead space in the kitchen can make it look small and squeezed up. This can make it hard to keep the room organized as some areas will end up with piles of kitchen items. Spaces such as in the cabinet, right under the sink, the pantry corners, and inner depths of the fridge should be well utilized. Check whether you have underutilized spaces in the kitchen to avoid creating piles of misplaced items in your kitchen.

The kitchen is a high traffic area and is therefore prone to become cluttered. Keeping your kitchen organized will also improve your home’s aesthetics a great deal.  With the above tips, you can turn your kitchen space into the most organized part of the house. With these kitchen ideas, your meal room can be a comfortable and pleasant place to be at not only for you but for your guests too.

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