How to Organize Your Kitchen Appliances

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If you are a person that enjoys eating and making food, then your kitchen is probably an elemental part of your house. It’s the place where most people spend the majority of their time cooking, enjoyable meals, and preparing delightful snacks for their families. 

How to Organize Your Kitchen Appliances

However, the problem that comes with a fully-fitted kitchen is how to organize it and manage the mess that cooking normally results in. In this article, we will explain how you can organize your home appliances to make your cooking experience easier. 

Categorize Your Appliances 

Begin by sorting your kitchen tools starting with the items you use more frequently, then the ones you use less frequently. Now that you have the tools you use regularly, you will need to find the ones that are no longer functional; these items should either be repaired or thrown away so they don’t take up any more space in your kitchen. The third category should include the appliances you rarely use like baked potato cookers, electric woks, or ice shavers, for instance. These appliances should be stored in one of your kitchen cabinets, but they don’t necessarily have to be easily accessible. After you have all three of your categories separated and sorted, it’s time to find a place for each category.

Store Your Appliances

Place the tools you use on a daily basis, like your coffee maker and toaster, on your kitchen countertop for easy access. Then, place the tools you use less frequently in cabinets; heavier items should be placed on lower shelves. An ideal place for other items in your kitchen, such as canned food and kitchen products, are upper eye-level cabinets. This will make it easier for you to reach your cooking ingredients without any hassle or too much searching around.

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You can also store frequently used home appliances at the front of your kitchen cabinet, and place other less frequently used ones at the back. Another way to keep your kitchen countertop neat is to place your smaller, yet frequently used tools, in small baskets on your countertop.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

These items should include tools and appliances you never use or the ones that do not work anymore and can not be repaired. While some may just need a little repair, consider getting rid of them anyway if you haven’t used them in a while to save on space.  You can donate or sell them for a considerable price instead of just having them clutter your kitchen. 

Following these tips should help you save a lot of space in your kitchen and give you a more organized and clean area where you can easily cook and serve up your favorite meals. Make sure you store the items you only use every now and then in the upper cabinets and get rid of the ones you never use. You can even place such items in cabinets outside of your kitchen for seasonal use. This way, you get a more organized kitchen instead of having to cram all these different appliances in the same place.

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