5 Ways to Determine if Your Office Requires Electrical Maintenance

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Running a business requires being on top of everything, especially aspects that keep your employees safe. There is one routine maintenance that affects not only your safety but also saves on energy bills.

5 Ways to Determine if Your Office Requires Electrical Maintenance

Your electrical system is used heavily during the day, and there are five ways to determine if you are due for professional servicing.

Trip your Circuit Breaker Often

While tripping your circuit breaker happens, it should not happen regularly. Having a lot of office equipment takes a toll on your electrical system, and it is vital to ensure everything is set up properly. The problem is more severe if you are constantly having to flip the breaker to restore power. Determining the underlying cause requires a professional who can trace the source of the power surge. Most tripping is caused by a short in the wiring or overloading the system. If the wire is not ground properly, a circuit will short. However, it is also possible that you have too many demands on your current electrical system and need to review the wiring.

Flickering Lights

There is nothing more annoying than having your lights flicker while you are trying to operate a business. In addition, it is the common cause of headaches and can cause seizures in people with epilepsy. Many people do not realize that when lights flicker, it is burning more energy. In some instances, the problem is rectified with a new light bulb. However, sometimes it is a sign that the system is overloaded. Licensed electricians will test your system and guide you to what repairs are needed.

Warm Outlets

Outlets that are warm to the touch is a very dangerous situation for your office. Once an appliance is un-plugged, the temperature should return to normal. This is a common problem when you have many devices plugged in, but it is also a sign that there are too many devices operating on the same circuit. Electricians will look for worn, broken, and warm outlets to verify they are safe and prevent fire hazards.

5 Ways to Determine if Your Office Requires Electrical Maintenance - fuse box

Sparking Outlets

When you unplug a device, it should never spark. If you have static electricity built up before un-plugging an appliance, you might notice a small spark. However, a common occurrence is a sign of excessive heat or water exposure. Both scenarios are serious fire hazards and permanent wiring damage. A licensed professional ensures all outlets are in proper working order and will replace any worn connectors.

Starting Old

If your office is in an old building, you will want to have an electrician review your space before setting it up. In addition to the initial review, they will schedule a regular maintenance schedule. Older buildings already have dated electrical systems, often with outdated insulation. Running conductor tests let them know if a safety switch is necessary, as well as making sure you have enough power for your appliances. With a regular electrical maintenance schedule, fire risks are reduced and improve the efficiency of your space. Finally, while it is easy to take advantage of your electricity, solid systems improve your business and act as a morale boost with your employees. The first step is to contact a Perth electrician today and schedule a consultation.

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