4 ways to make your home more energy-efficient

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As we all know, our planet is in severe danger, so it’s up to every one of us to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and become less wasteful. One of the ways we can do this is by making sure that our homes are as energy-efficient as possible. The less energy we use, the better it will be, so if changes can be implemented, it’s certainly worthwhile. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but it could save you money in the long run too.

4 ways to make your home more energy-efficient

Here are 4 ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

Buy energy-efficient appliances

If you are looking for a new washer or your fridge has packed in, be sure to look for more energy-efficient models when replacing them. Appliances will usually be allocated an energy rating to make it easier for you when purchasing. The higher the energy efficiency, the lower the running cost, and the better they are for the environment. It may result in a washing load taking longer or clothes taking longer to dry in your new dryer, but it will all help to save the planet.

Solar panels

Although these don’t come cheap, having solar panels installed on your roof allows you to generate electricity, which has a hugely positive impact on the environment. Not only does it make your home more sustainable, but solar panels don’t release harmful gases or use water to generate electricity. That is why it’s the cleanest, most effective means of renewable energy.

If you already have solar panels, you must keep them clean and well maintained. Companies such as RepairMySolarPanels.com can do this for you, and it will give you peace of mind that your panels are working efficiently and correctly. Having solar panels that don’t work won’t help you or the environment.

4 ways to make your home more energy-efficient - solar panels

Insulate your loft

Loft insulation works by trapping warm air inside your home and preventing it from escaping through your roof. If you don’t have any insulation or your current insulation has seen better days, it’s worthwhile having this dealt with as soon as possible. There are a host of companies that will do this for you, but if you want to give it a go yourself, it isn’t too hard.

Having a well-insulated loft will keep your home warm for longer and reduce the need for you to put your heating on, so it should positively impact your heating bills too.

Don’t waste energy

Changing how you live day to day can make your home more energy-efficient too. If you aren’t using a room, switch the lights off. Instead of turning your heating up, for example, put on a sweater instead. If phones or tablets are charged, switch them off instead of leaving them plugged in all night. The smallest of changes can make a big difference, so try to do your bit when you can, and it will all help our planet survive a little longer.

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