Renting a dumpster in Akron, Ohio for Home Renovation

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Home renovations have been on the rise in Akron, Ohio since real estate value has increased. Many homeowners are using roll-off dumpsters for their projects.


There are several advantages to renting a dumpster when renovating your home.

Rent a Dumpster for Convenience

Akron Dumpster Rental allows homeowners to take debris from renovating their kitchens or bathrooms and place it directly in their driveway. A roll-off dumpster reduces worry and stress for Akron residents when performing home renovations. No need to depend on contractors or ask family or friends for their pick up trucks. Furthermore, homeowners don’t have to worry about finding a dump that will take non commercial customers. Rent a dumpster for your next home renovation project!

Allowable Materials in Dumpster Rental

Construction debris is one of the many materials allowed in dumpster. There are a variety of wide ranging things this can be, from wood to plaster. Hazardous materials such as paint or oil cannot go in the dumpster. Sometimes homeowners find tires in their basement or garage, these items cannot go into the dumpster. Landfills do not accept tires in dumpsters. Air conditioners and refrigerators are another example of prohibited items that cannot go in the dumpster. This is due to the freon gas in the compressor of the appliance.

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Time Period When Renting a Dumpster

King Dumpsters allows residential dumpster customers to receive seven days of rental time with their dumpster rental. Commercial dumpster customers are allowed up to fourteen days with their dumpster rental. Commercial projects tend to take longer than residential projects, therefore they are allotted more dumpster rental time. If your project is going longer than expected, King Dumpsters in Akron provides additional dumpster rental time for the rate of $10 a day extra.

Delivery Area for Dumpster Rental

On the day of delivery, King Dumpsters will follow the placement instructions the customer provided to the order taker. The customer must make sure that there are no low hanging objects in the area of the dumpster delivery. All vehicles must be moved to guarantee that personal vehicles will not be blocked in after delivery. A flat, level surface is best for dumpster delivery. The dumpster has a gate on the back to allow customers to walk in and out of the dumpster. Driveways are the most common place for roll-off dumpsters.

Pick-up of Dumpster Rental

When you are done with your home renovation project, the dumpster is ready to be removed from the property. Every dumpster has a fill line. This line indicates the amount of material you can put in the dumpster. If the dumpster is too full, it will not be picked up by the dumpster rental project. Areas like Akron, Ohio have elevation which leads to roads with hills. Dumpster rental trucks cannot safely travel on these roads with overflowing dumpsters. To avoid dry run fees and other charges, make sure the material you place in your dumpster rental is below the fill line. Most companies, like King Dumpsters, will notify you via text that they are traveling to your home to pick-up the dumpster you rented!

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