Six Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy

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There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a healthy, lush tree. If you’re lucky enough to have your yard or garden, why not put in some trees? But what happens when things go wrong, and they get sick? While it can be daunting at first, there are several simple and inexpensive ways that you can keep your trees healthy.

Six Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Here are six!

1. Water Them Regularly

This is the most important thing to do. This will help prevent diseases such as root rot which thrive in moist soil conditions. Secondly, consider adding mulch around the base of the tree, about two inches thick. This will help retain moisture and provide nutrients for new growth while preventing weed growth around the tree’s trunk so that it doesn’t have to compete for nutrients.

2. Prune Branches Properly

If you have an existing overgrown tree, improperly shaped or stressed because the branches are too heavy due to lack of pruning, it doesn’t mean a tree removal has to occur. Pruning can be done at almost any time of year and stimulate new growth, which means healthier-looking leaves. However, make sure not to cut into healthy bark as bacteria and fungi can enter the trunk. In addition, never remove more than one-third of a branch structure as this will cause shock to the rest of the tree. This can lead to disease and stress from trying to recover from the injury. Also, take care not to over prune as this causes weak areas in a tree’s branches, leading to a high probability of breakage.

3. Choosing the right tree care company for you.

This is a crucial step when thinking of taking on a tree project. Make sure to find a reputable and credible Tree Service Franklin TN company by asking friends, family, and neighbors who might have had previous experiences with different companies in your area. If they have had any bad experiences with particular companies previously, this will save you from regretting making that decision later down the road. In addition, always check references from different locations before hiring them for trees in your yard or on your property. If there are any issues later on, you can identify where exactly they took place and what caused it to happen since every job site has its challenges.

Six Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy - pruning

4. Understanding proper tree pruning techniques.

Trees should be pruned based on the type of tree that they are. Some trees require less intricate cutting than others, so you need to hire professional Franklin Tree Services who cares about their reputation and know-how to cut your trees properly. If something happens and the job site is not done correctly, it can lead to issues down the road such as disease or other problems sprouting up where once there were none before.

5. Using tree fertilization techniques to ensure tree health.

Fertilizing trees can help them grow healthier and stronger by providing the tree with nutrients that they need to become more vibrant, healthy, and strong. It will also ensure that your tree grows at an optimum rate by getting the proper minerals necessary for its development. One thing you have to keep in mind when you want a tree fertilized is whether the type of tree will react well with fertilizer or if it could use something else instead, such as composting or mulching. You also want to make sure that the professionals who work within this industry know what they are doing when it comes time to fertilize your trees, so there is no damage done to them.

6. Maintain tree health with tree trimming

Tree trimming goes hand in hand with tree fertilizing. If your tree is not getting the proper amount of sun, nutrients, and water it needs to survive, you will want to find a way to improve its situation by trimming off any dead or dying branches that could take away from the health and strength of the tree. Please get this done when it is younger instead of when the tree gets older since it will lead to minor damage being done to the tree.

With these helpful tree care tips in mind, you should have no problem caring for your tree and keeping it healthy. Keep these tree trimming ends in the back of your mind the next time a tree service comes to offer tree fertilizing services.

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