A Guide to Creating a Nature inspired Bathroom

The great outdoors is a place that often brings us much peace and relaxation. We find serenity and calm in nature, and so why not bring that aesthetic and feeling into one of the most relaxing rooms of the house too? It is perfectly possible for you to create the perfect nature inspired bathroom without draining your bank, or having to take out a loan just to do so. Sometimes all it needs is a little touch-up, perhaps some material changes and some plant accessories.

A Guide to Creating a Nature inspired Bathroom

Remember that no matter what you do to your bathroom to get this aesthetic, you always need to ensure plenty of ventilation to prevent mould and mildew buildup from getting damp. So, what can you do to build up this natural bathroom, or to give your current bathroom a touch of nature about it?

Flooring matters

Whatever vibe you are going for, flooring can totally transform your space. You will need plenty of prep, and you will also likely need to hire a professional also. To create an organic natural aesthetic try travertine tile, a dark red and brown blend can really emphasize this natural look. However, you could also go for wooden flooring, laminate or LVP. Choose your patterning wisely and the thickness of the boards wisely too. Remember that this is one of the wettest rooms in the house and is subject to possible dampness, so make sure your flooring of choice is compatible, no matter the style.

Tiles take it home

The walls will also make a significant impact as well. Green tiles can give a natural feel to your walls, especially if you go for a mossy green. However, you could go for laminate shower wall panels for a bright look in your bathroom. If you want the earthy feel of a wood-inspired, and maintenance free shower wall, these are great. You can get patterns for all wood types. However, tiles are often easier to maintain and are waterproof. For tiles, greens are often the best, unless you want an ocean vibe, in which case we would recommend an aqua or teal colour.

The fixtures and accessories

Think about the accessories and fixtures you add to your bathroom. Of course, if you want a nature inspired bathroom then you will want to stick with a natural colour scheme, meaning blues, greens, browns, perhaps oranges and whites too. You can always add plants into your bathroom, if you do, ensure they are plants suitable for this, the bathroom is a very humid room. If you have a window in the bathroom that can provide indirect sunlight, then Hoya plants are ideal bathroom plants and will usually thrive here. If this is not an option, you can always invest in artificial plants, artificial ivy vines, ferns and so on are easy and cheap to buy and will give your bathroom that extra forest feel about it. You can always add a small water feature as well, pine candles, and so on. Bamboo is also a great material, plant and option for the bathroom.

A Guide to Creating a Nature inspired Bathroom - bathroom

Less is more

Always remember that while you may get excited about re-doing your bathroom in a natural way, less is more. Filling up the room with plants, rugs, and water features can make it feel very cramped and small. Be mindful of materials as well, while there are a whole horde of materials that will add to the nature affect you seek, some may not be suitable for the bathroom, or they may even make it look smaller.  Designing your bathroom is an art form, re-designing any room is about getting creative, and many creatives will agree that less is more. Especially when it comes to space.

Vanity tops from natural materials

Of course, your flooring and wall materials matter, as they will set the mood of the whole room. Yet, do not forget your vanity tops. These are just as important. Having a naturalistic bathroom is great, but if your vanity top is porcelain, or marble, it might take away from the whole aesthetic you have built. Hardwoods are great natural materials to make your bathroom vanity tops feel more natural, consider bamboo as well- a material that is becoming more, and more prominent in everyday use. Why not get some stone work. A stone aesthetic for a vanity top could add a real tropical forest feeling to the room. Consider each material carefully, and if you use one material for your vanity top, try to keep all units consistent in material.

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