Why Install Epoxy Resin Flooring?

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The business environment of the 21st century is incredibly competitive. Any industrial or commercial enterprise that does not keep a laser-like focus on the bottom line is soon going to find itself in a position where cash flow is adversely affected. Everything from stock levels to employee benefits and customer satisfaction and marketing needs to be optimised to provide an exceptional return on investment. This also includes physical infrastructure – that too must play its part in making the business as competitive as possible – which is why many industrial and commercial businesses are choosing epoxy resin flooring.

Why Install Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin flooring has a variety of advantages over other types of floors – here are just some of the reasons it has become so popular. Epoxy resin flooring is incredibly attractive. The bright, smooth floors can be finished in a variety of colours (including metallic) and can also feature additives such as mica chips which can add visual appeal. The huge number of colours makes it ideal for those companies that want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their operations – it can also be mixed to reflect company branding. The smooth finish of epoxy resin flooring also makes it very easy to keep clean.

There is also the cost of installation. This is one of the areas where epoxy resin flooring really shines. since it can be laid over existing concrete floors the preparation is minimal and this contributes to an exceptional return on investment. Epoxy resin floors are tough – and this makes them ideal for use in commercial and industrial operations. This floor coating is almost impervious to chemical damage (including solvents and petrochemical products), shrugs off spills that might cause stains, and is also highly resistant to damage caused by temperature fluctuation. It also prevents water damage to the underlying concrete base. The flooring also prevents bacteria and potentially harmful organisms from gaining a foothold – and is extremely easy to clean – amongst the reasons that it is used in many medical facilities.

Why Install Epoxy Resin Flooring - 3D epoxy resin flooring

Another reason that epoxy resin flooring is simply a great investment if that it is durable. It will outlast most other types of flooring. the result is that the company will have to replace flooring less often than might otherwise be the case. Perhaps the only material that beats epoxy resin is concrete – but it is usually laid over concrete and the combination will lead to concrete being protected – and lengthening its life expectancy. Studies have shown that epoxy resin floors can last for decades – again that means an exceptional return on investment.

In industrial operations, lighting can add significantly to operational costs. Epoxy resin flooring is highly reflective – and this can help to cut down on lighting costs, especially in areas such as warehouses. When all is said and done, epoxy resin flooring simply outperforms most of the alternatives. Its aesthetic appeal and choice when it comes to colour mean that the floor can reflect the unique corporate identity of the operation. It is also easy to maintain and durable. It is a choice that should be carefully evaluated by business owners.

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